Tuesday, October 31, 2006 

I Can't Look!

Today is Halloween.....a day of witches, ghosts, ghouls, zombies and all things unholy. The picture on the left is how I usually approach anything scarey. I hid my eyes.....and won't look and maybe the scarey thing will go away.

Guess What? It really doesn't work. I may choose to not see what is going on but the scale is the scariest thing I'm having to face right now. I may not be able to count calories but my body does and it is exhausted trying to keep up with the numbers.

I would love to tell you that I fell off the wagon but as I told TC , I did a "swan dive" off of it. I dived in head first and wallowed in willfulness. There are consequences for "bad behavior" and one of them is seeing the scale go galloping in the opposite direction. (Don't ask...it's bad and will take weeks to recover!)

So please.....no sympathy.....old fashion "butt kickin" is the order of the day. I'm in recovery mode from my swimming with the sharks of sugar.

My friend Floozie is on her way to see me (Search and rescue mission?) and we are working on a lunch hook-up with Melli. (Sounds like an intervention to me?)

Let me go blow the dust off of Leslie and "Walk away the pounds".

Daisy Dilemma: How come the return trip is always uphill?


Happy Halloween

Pumpkin Trivia

I've been looking up Pumpkin Trivia today and came across this picture. It always makes me laugh!

I know that I have said many times that I had to go to bed "before I turned into a pumpkin."

But did you know that "Apocolocynposis" is the fear of turning into a pumpkin?

Did you know that the average pumpkin has about one cup of seeds?

Did you know that the pumpkin is considered a fruit and is in the same family as the cucumber?

Sunday, October 29, 2006 

Meet Woody.

A few days ago Mr. Wonderful came in from putting wood in our wood burning furnace and told me that there was a baby ferrel kitten living in our wood pile. He had seen it the day before when he lifted up the tarp over the wood .

At first she wouldn't let him touch her but she was getting used to seeing him now as he normally puts wood in the furnace twice a day.

I was given strict instructions not to go out and see her because he knew what a softie I am and how easily I can become attached to a kitten. He reminded me that we already have two cats and dog and how easily I could become the "mad cat lady of New Hope!"

So being the obedient wife that I am I promptly ignored him and went out to meet Woody (named by Mr. Wonderful because she lives in the wood pile.) Of course Woody immediately thought that I was her mama and cuddled up the moment I picked her up. She was so small...all eyes and tail. I instantly bonded and began to think of ways to ease her into the family. Woody is a white cat with just a hint of grey on her fore head ( her markings look like some one dropped a few speckles of grey paint on her by accident!)

I put her down to go get my camera and every time I took a step she was right there under my feet. I would put her down and run only to see her scampering behind me as fast as her little legs could carry her. I was hopelessly hooked. I picked her up and played with her for about an hour and made several phone calls to some of my equally softhearted friends about adopting a kitten.

By the time Mr. Wonderful arrived home I had worn her out and she was sleeping in a cardboard box with a big fluffy towel tucked under the tarp so mama cat would be able to find her. My neighbor assured me that he had seen mama cat carrying her crew into various places of safety and not to be surprised if she was not there in the morning.

Woody was still in her box the following morning. Mr. Wonderful assured me that she was fine and looked healthy and ran out to greet him. We were very busy with volunteers this weekend but I heard Mr. Wonderful tell someone we had 2 and half cats. (Hmm...I thought, look who's the softie now.)

Yesterday evening when Mr. Wonderful came in from the wood pile he brought in the brown fluffy towel and told me gravely that Woody wouldn't be needing it any longer. At first I thought he was telling me that the mama cat had moved her some where else but I could tell by his face that the little kitten was dead. He buried her under the small weeping willow tree that I can see from my office window.

So here I sit, eulogizing a small female kitten who entered our life briefly and brought immeasurable joy for a very short time. Her small life had an impact on me and it is fitting that she is buried under a weeping willow.

Thursday, October 26, 2006 

Only in my neck of the woods!

You just never know what you will see in the country. This pumpkin man looks real till you get up close. Wouldn't you know it.....if it's going to happen of course it will be in my neighborhood.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006 

What is Normal?

Normal.....is that like one size fits all? What is normal? Is it normal to have hormonal cravings for Candy Corn this time of year?

Is it normal to want "comfort foods" that warm your spirit as well as your cold hands?

Is it normal to want food that sticks to your ribs? (also your thighs, back side and belly?)

Patsy Clairmount says "Normal is just the setting on a dryer!"

Is what's normal for you, normal for the rest of society too?

Have an extraordinary day!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006 

Why does everything reminde me of food?

Is it just the season.....or is there a reason that everything reminds me of food. I don't know about you but I've got a sudden craving for a Big Mac!

Just Kidding!

It does look good though doesn't it?


Hanging in there....

Okay, It's been a few days since my last post.

I'm still here and still hanging in there.

I'm keeping a food journal, keeping a good attitude, working hard on a project at the mission that demands much lifting and moving items.

It's cold and Mr. Wonderful started the wood burner. The house is toasty now and I'm finally warm after being cold all day.

I make a "to do" list every night before I go to bed.

I've made the menu out for the entire week and have all the needed items on hand (I hate having to make a decision on what to eat when I'm tired, cold and grumpy.)

I'm keeping up with my Bible Study on the Life of David.

I don't eat after 8 p.m.

So having done all.....I'm standing strong (for now!)

Sunday, October 22, 2006 

I've never been good with math....

Which one is the pumpkin? Which one is scarier?

I was recently reading an article in a ladies magazine that basically says that "you intuitively know when you're at your best physically, emotionally, intellectually, financially and professionally." The article goes on to recommend getting a mental picture of you at your best (or visualizing). Once you have a clear vision of what your maxium potential looks and feels like, it's easier to create the goals that will take your life there.

The article states that creating a mental picture of what success looks like can actually create new connections in brain and prepare your body for accomplishing any goal you desire.

The biggest factor that keep women from being their best is a debilitating inner crictic....that voice that tells us we're not good enough to succeed and tends to get louder when we're thinking about making important life changes.

While this was not earth shattering information for me it did make me stop and rethink some of my previous actions. Looking at some of the successes of my Dieting Diva's I see that all of them made a committment to better health and have stuck with it. They made up their mind and have kept with it.

Why can't I? What's holding me back? Lack of knowledge? (No, I'm sure I have every diet book ever written, and even read a few of them!) Is it lack of discipline? ( I always start off well and am totally aware of what I'm putting in my mouth.) Lack of encouragement...(no, sistah's you've all been very supportive and butt kickin!) Emotional Eating? (definitely a factor but I'm trying to ease the craving with creative writing to supplant the urge!) Lack of exercise? (I still haven't found anything that I enjoy doing...it's all toil, sweat, and drudgery but I am doing it!) Lack of focus? ( I'm already OCD about it, it's taken over my whole life!) Lack of Direction? ( I'm weighing myself, measuring, weighing and measuring my food, what else is there?) Lack of healthy self-teasing to jolly myself out of self-pity? ( No, that's the only thing keeping me going!) Have I missed something? What is the big glaring factor that is missing here?

I've never been good with math but here are some equations I've come up with:

Time+ Confict= Change

Desire+ Consistency+ Time = Change

What is your equation for winning at the losing game?


Comfort Food

If a stressful moment sends you staight to the cookie jar, it may be all in your head literally. A certain stress hormone released in the brain may actually triple cravings for sweet treats and explain why some people are prone to binge eating when they're feeling anxious, says a new study in the journal BMC Biology. For a sugar fix that won't break the bank, try keeping lollipops on hand to help you cope in times of angst.

Friday, October 20, 2006 

Is it just me.....Or is Leslie giving me the evil eye?

Have you ever had this experience ?

You've gone off program, totally blown it, repented and swore your undying allegiance to the flag, motherhood, weight watchers, exercising religiously, drinking your water till your kidneys float and just as you pop your exercise video into the player you notice that Leslie Sansone is looking at you condescendingly?

Is it just me.....Or is Leslie giving me the evil eye?

Is that a sneer among the perkiness? Does she know that the only thing I've been exericing is my chewing muscles? Does she suspect that I've been unfaithful or am I jumping to conclusions, chasing rabbits or running in circles? Is she aware that I've been walking to the refrigerator instead of walking away the pounds?

Is there a built in GPS sensor hidden in the DVD that alerts her to non-compliance? Is Big Brother really Richard Simmons? Does he know that instead of sweating to the oldies that I'm actually sitting on the couch eating potatoe chips saying, "Go Richard, Go Richard!"

Is there a Phat Patrol that scans the living rooms of potential Fat Fighter Flops ? Why was Leslie looking directly at me when she suggested that if the exercise was too intense that I could do a modified version and follow Beth ( not Leslie). Does she think that I'm not worthy of her perpetual perkiness? (Right, sure it was just the camera angle!)

I know, you probably think that this is a "Sugar Buzz Flashback" and by now you are thinking that detox may be in order. Who knew that temporary gratification was such a bummer in the long run? Should I be offended when anyone talks about anything bigger than a teacup?

Excuse me while I go munch on my lunch....ice cube anyone?


Friday Funny

Thursday, October 19, 2006 

10 Best Slimming Foods

Fill Up .....Not Out! ( According to a recent article in Women's Day Magazine by Julie Meyer, R.D.)

Guess what made number one? If you said, Apples....Pop a sauce pan on your head and call yourself Johnny Appleseed!

An apple a day may keep the fat pants away. The apple is a perfect snack...with a high water content and both kinds of weight busting fiber: soluble which helps prevent blood sugar spikes that lead to cravings, and insoluble, which helps fill you up. "A medium apple is about 85 % water with 5 grams of soluble fiber, making it a snacking powerhouse."

EGGS: A great source of protein which may be key to keeping you full. A recent study found that when people ate 2 eggs for breakfast, they took in more than 400 fewer calories over the next 24 hours than when they ate bagels. " The study poroved that eating eggs induce highter satiety and keeps people fuller for longer."

Cauliflower: When you are trying to lose weight, non-starchy vegetables such as cauliflowe are one of the few foods that can be eaten in unlimited quanties. It contains Vitamin C ( a key factor in how much fat is burned during physical activity) as well as cancer fighting elements.

Lowfat Yogart: Dieters eating 3 servings of yogart daily lost as much weight as their non-dieary eating counterparts. "Calcium combined with other bioactive compounds found in dairy products slows down the process of making fat and increases fat burning, especially around the belly."

Oatmeal: Mom was right all these years! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Just eating breakfast can make you slimmer. In a 6 year survey, it was discovered that those that ate breakfast had a lower BMI index than people who skipped breakfast and those that ate cooked cereal had a lower BMI that any other breakfast eating group. Oatmeal helps you stay fuller longer, since it is packed with fiber and is a good source of protein.

Peanuts: Peanut eaters end up eating less over the course of the whole day and are more likely to maintain weight, even if given as many peanuts as they want. Who knew?

Soup: Adding two 10 ounce servings of a broth based soup each day can almost double the amount of weight lost in a 6 month period. Adding water into a food makes it more filling than drinking water separately. "The water in the soup adds volume to a meal and helps you feel fuller, without extra calories."

Fish: Fish tops oatmeal and vegetables in the satiety Index ranks. Steamed white fish such as Halibut or cod are the number one most filling foods out of 38 common foods.

Bulgur: High fiber grains is a great substitute for white rice or pasta.

Salad: Women who eat a salad before a pasta lunch ate fewer calories for the whole meal than those just digging into the pasta.

Monday, October 16, 2006 

Looking at the the rear view.....

Hmmm....looks like two bowling balls fighting each other!

"This is me riding into the sunset." I haven't given up but I did quit trying for awhile. Seems like I get overwhelmed especially when I'm not making progress so I start backpeddling. As you can tell by the picture (it's not a pretty sight!)

I'm purposely avoiding the scale this week.....I've gained weight and don't really want to know how much till I can repair some of the damage.

Yes, Floozie I know you stayed the same for a long time and never gave up. That's one thing I admire about you is your perserverance! I know you exercise religiously and you look marvelous dahling!

Melli, we could both be old women by the time I lose 20 more pounds.....especially when I'm forever losing the same weight over and over again. I may be a lost cause!

Twisted Cinderella, have you got any bottled will power that you can spare?

Ok, no more self pity....I'm getting my walking shoes on and heading out the door now. Yes, I pulled out my journal and wrote down what I've eaten so far......life is so daily (sigh!)

Saturday, October 14, 2006 

Nothing like being a healthy flower.

I am an

What Flower
Are You?

"You are a health conscious person, both your health and the health of others. You know all about the health benefits and dangers of the world around you."


From the Daisy Patch to.....

.... the pumpkin patch. Today was the Fall Follage Festival in Waynesboro. It was perfect weather for it too. They closed off several streets downtown and had lots of arts and crafts venders.

We actually thought our "local" artists were far better than others that came. My friend Beckie grew up in Waynesboro and knows everyone. (You take 3 steps, stop and she greets someone else!)

We took lots of pictures both at the festival, in the country, and even stopped at an antique auto show (so our antique hubbies could impress us with their knowlegde of all things cars!)

We split a funnel cake and I was really looking for apple cider but settled for fresh squeezed lemonaide instead.

Mr. Wonderful bought me a kalidescope! So I'm a happy camper!

Friday, October 13, 2006 

Friday Funny....Pumpkin Pie?

Tis the season.....I love pumpkin everything!

Thursday, October 12, 2006 

Can I get an Amen!

This is a statue in Staunton called Hallelujah! It is a statue of a freed slave (shackles still on his wrist) that is no longer bound. My friend and neighbor Beckie took me on a photo hunt the other day and I'm started to emerge from my hole.....hallelujah!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006 

Cold, Wet and Grey.....

Ok, I think I'm beginning to dig out of deep hole .

My world has been cold, wet and grey for a while but as you can see....there is a bit of color coming back.

The first rule of holes: When you are in one,
Stop Digging.

Sign in my window: Gone....looking for perspective
check back later.

Friday, October 06, 2006 

Be Glad and Rejoice. Let the Happy Dance Begin!!! Shout for joy and get your groove on!

My Good Friend ....Flip Flop Floozie has broken her plateau after 3 mo
nths of faithfully staying the course she has finally been rewarded by the Fat Fairy!

Go on over and give her a Holler! Go see why she is one of my Diet Diva's ( her diet name is the Incredible Shrinking Woman!)

I believe in celebrating! Life is hard, so any time we can have a Victory Parade we should!

Sandy and I have been friends forever and there is no one who has worked harder or been more faithful. I'm so pleased for you Sweetie. Great Job!


What is my motivation?

It's a cold wet rainy dark day. Mr. Wonderful is out of town and even the animals are all curled up sleeping. So far my only motivation has been to look for the first cup of creamy caffeine to kick off my day.

I've just read a response and a post on resolving ( not wish for, hope for,think about, would like too, maybe in the future kind of fuzzy thinking) but actually making up making up your mind and having it settled once and for all. Both authors had made that resolution before starting off on their weight loss journey.

It gave them a new focus and direction. So it was no longer, get up and go through the motions but more like, look at the map to see where you are now and which direction will take you to your designation. Is there a quicker route? Is this road a straight shot, a super highway or a long winding country road. The choices are still there but the location and direction are already determined.

So after this cup of java I'm off to follow the yellow brick road.......

Wednesday, October 04, 2006 

The Right Stuff....

Pictured to the Left is a movie poster about astronauts called "The Right Stuff".

The implications are that astronauts are a rare breed, highly skilled, trained and disciplined to do space travel. (or as Scripture would say, "many are called but few are chosen")

Few of us will ever travel into space (although I have been accused of being "a space cadet" many times). However most of us know the right thing to do, even if we don't always do it.

In almost every area of our lives, God puts within us an unspoken nudge toward doing what we know is right. Unfortunately , though, an unspoken rebellion inside of us nudges us in a different direction. I can so relate to what Paul says in Romans 7 "My own behaviour baffles me. For I find myself doing what I really hate but not doing what I really want to do.....I often find that I have the will to do good, but not the power. That is, I don't accomplish the good I set out to do, and the evil I don't really want to do I find I am always doing." (VV15-19)

In the areas of eating and exercise I know all too well what is right and healthy. I've read countless books and articles on the subject. I want to act wisely and apply the principles I've learned yet in spite of my excellent intentions my behaviour runs counter to what I know is best. Is it lack of discipline? Am I missing a "diet gene"? Where is my "won't power?"

Prayer: Help me Lord, to let go of my stress and worry-all of it. Give me that quiet assurance, that inner peace, that releases me from every urge to act compulsively, especiallly in the area of eating. Keep me in the serene confidence that you are in control.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006 

Seal of Approval.....

Is this fun or what? My good friend Mompoet told me about this site. You can make your own seals. I've always wanted my own seal of approval. Now you can make up your very own!

Monday, October 02, 2006 

Week four....Weigh In

The picture on left pretty well describes it!

No Gains, No Losses, Many Trials, Numerous Errors and No Men Left on Base!

This is the time that I normally feel like Kevin....."Home Alone!"

Usually at this time I throw in the towel and quit or go into Over Kill and do something really radical that throws off my equalibrium and sends me into a downward spiral. (Hmmm....can you say Self Destructive!)

Today I was studying the life of David and wouldn't you know it....The lesson's name was "A Case of Overkill". The author states that circumstances can sometimes leave us with feelings of powerlessness and that we can not trust our feelings. We can trust God though and God is never taken by surprise. He knows our battles and knows our needs long before we can express them clearly.

I was encouraged today by Galatians :9"Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up."

Having just processed a bumper crop of vegetables and fruit (from months of tending the garden) I can hold on to that promise.

5 Things I Did Wrong:

1. I allow fatique to discourage me.....I reverted back to old unhealthy ways cause it was easy and comfortable.

2. I physically over stressed my body because of time restraints set by others that I had no control over. Instead of saying no.....I overmedicated my resentment with comfort food.

3. I abandoned regular exercise because I was overly tired and cross.

4. I didn't get the proper rest I needed.....I just kept pushing....hoping for a second wind.

5. I acted as if everything depended on me when in fact the only thing I could control (my response) was the one thing I didn't control at all.

5 Things I plan to change this week:

I committed my week to the Lord and gave up any pretense of control.

2. I'm going into work later so I can get 30 minutes of cardio in and have my Bible Study without feeling rushed.

3. I am committed to eating breakfast and planning my meals.

4. I've got a new attitude! I gave up the "poor me, stinkin thinking" victim mentality.

5. I've decided to live purposefully and with appreciation.

Daisy Dilemma: Why am I such a slow learner? Why do I have to keep relearning the same lesson?

Quote of the Day: "Hurt people, hurt people."

Mood: Preparing for battle

Sunday, October 01, 2006 

Dieters Alphabet

A....Affirmations (we all need our cheerleaders)
B.....Being yourself
C.....Choosing the appropriate food
D.....Doing what you decide
E.....Eating and Exercise
F....Faith and forgiving yourself when you fail
G....Grace (extended to yourself at times)
H....Hope (for when the scale doesn't cooperate)
I.....Integrity (Keeping your promises to yourself)
J.....Joy on the journey (not being impatient for results)
K....Keep on keeping on
L....Listening ( to yourself at times and to your body)
M....Moving your body (exercise, dancing, gardening)
N....Nutrition (making proper choices)
O....Others ( seeking advice and accountability from friends)
P....Patience, Planning and Prayer
Q....Quiet time for reflections and meditation
R....Ready to take a challenge, break old eating patterns
S....Serenity, Success at the Scales
T....Thinking and Thanking
U...Unlearning old attitudes and patterns and replacing them with new ones.
V....Victory ( seeing success at the scale)
W...Williness to change unhealthy life choices
X...eXcellence....doing your best regardless of the cost
Y...You (the most important tool-learning to love and accept yourself.)
Z....Zeal ( being enthusiastic and committed)

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