Thursday, October 12, 2006 

Can I get an Amen!

This is a statue in Staunton called Hallelujah! It is a statue of a freed slave (shackles still on his wrist) that is no longer bound. My friend and neighbor Beckie took me on a photo hunt the other day and I'm started to emerge from my hole.....hallelujah!

Just this statue ALONE should help you get out of your HOLE!! Just think of these poor people and what they went through. You are not in that situation!! You are never as bad off as someone else NEVER!! I have always felt so bad for the slaves. How horrible!! I hate it that I am white when I think of how they were treated. What a trip you two had. Must have been FUN!!

That's a great statue!!

Um... I don't normally promote my blog, but I think you might want to come read the series I've been doing on depression. It's taken from a great book written by a pastor... Perhaps t'will be helpful.

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AaaaaaaaaaaaMen (Hallelujia!)
AaaaaaaaaaaaMen (Hallelujia!)
Aaaa Aaaa Men!!!
Aaamen! Aaaamen!(Hallelujia!)

Do you seeeeeee my arms wavin'???
I am singin' for ya sister!

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