Tuesday, November 21, 2006 

The tickets are bought....the race is on!

National Missionary Conference was great but definitely not good on the pocketbook or the diet.

I started this diet last January hoping to be in better shape. I have dropped over 20 pounds but I've gone on way too many side trips and detours.

In May we heard the news that this Diva has been hoping to hear for the last 7 years......namely that we are expecting our first grandchild in January. The race and the training picked up and I definitely picked up some momentum and cheerleaders along the way.

We had been praying about going to Canada for Christmas as our daughter will definitely be "great with child" and unable to fly home. Airline tickets have fluxuated in prices almost daily and it looked like it would be beyond our price range.

God is good all the time, and has provided round trip tickets for both of us for the price it would have cost for just one! Last night Mr. Wonderful made the arrangements for us to leave Richmond, Va and arrive in Saskatoon, Canada December 18th!

The race is on! I'm counting the days and would like to lose 14 pounds by then. I'm sure the first 4 or 5 will come off easiy just getting back into a regular exercise program and routine eating patterns.

Mr. Wonderful is very encouraging. Since it is just the two of us for Thanksgiving he has agreed to take me out to dinner on Thanksgiving. ( That way he can have his feast and I'm not tempted by having lots of food around the house that is not good for either of us!)

I know that this is the worst time of the year to try to lose weight but hey, I'm motivated! This girl does not want to have to wear a seat belt extension or pay for two seats just to accomodate my butt! So give me a holla......Together we can do this!

Excuse me while I go blow the dust off my exercise videos.

Monday, November 13, 2006 

Diabolical Diet Smasher Strikes Again.!

Yes, I know......She looks like Granny Good-Shoes!

But don't look let that sweet expression fool you....she's really Daisy's Diabolical Diet Smasher.

She may look like sweetness and light, but she knows how to make a dinning room table groan from the weight of the of it's bounty. This was just a simple "I'm home Mom!" kind of visit.

Nothing says lovin, like something from the oven....is definitely her motto. Here she is (captured in what she does best) fixing a "mess of ....... just for you, cause I knew you were coming and it's your favorite!"

Erma Bombeck said it best, "Guilt, the gift that keeps on giving."

I got off lightly this trip because of my Brother-in-law being diabetic (and she made him special food) and my sister's limitation from having abdominal banding (and needing special food). Poor Mr. Wonderful may never eat again but we all survived and mom felt loved and vindicated.

Southern family life revolves around food. Nothing ever good or bad ever happened to me that "comfort food" wasn't employed, to make it better or celebrate it.

There was "break up" food, "you'll do better next time food", "funeral food" , "Sorry you got fired food," as well as "ain't you something" food. My mom is a great cook. She has subscribed to "Southern Living" magazine since it conception and probably owns all the cookbooks they have ever put out.

Food to mom is love at its finest. Three desserts, three salads, and 3 or more vegetables with bread is my mom's way of positively gushing. She will down play her offerings (what ? this ole thing, you should see what I could whip up if I had another 30 minutes) in hopes you will extol her food and skill level. To her credit, I've never seen my mother refused to give out a family receipe or leave out a key ingredient so it would never taste as good as her's. In deed, asking for her receipe is the equivalent of asking her for her autograph (her signature dishes ).

My Aunt Agnes had positive reinforcement down to an artform. She would simply say, "Isn't that the best food you've ever put in your mouth?" Now I ask you, who in their right mind is going to hurt the feelings of your momma or your favorite aunt? Not this southern girl!

So I did my duty.....To God and my momma! I continue to be the president of the clean plate club and I made my momma pround. I didn't explode and as far as I know the starving children in China are still starving (even though I suggested that maybe I should send them my plate, so they wouldn't starve any more!)

So this girl did right by her roots, and her momma...."I put some South in my Mouth!"

Paula Deen had it right all along when she wishes everyone "Love and Best Dishes!".

Friday, November 10, 2006 

Taking One for the Team

Over the river and through the woods....

We leave bright and early tomorrow for Virginia Beach to see my mom and sister. This picture was taken a year ago and I must say we all look better this year.

My mom will be 80 in January. (I know, I look like I'm her mother, thank you very much!) My sister on the right has survived ovarian cancer and finally has become a grandmother (her life long ambition). She has currently lost 60 pounds as she wants to be able to keep up with the kids.

I've lost 25 pounds and all my hair color. I told the Lord I could go silver but not grey!

Mom called this morning, very excited that two out of her three will be home this weekend. Of course she casually mentioned that her refrigerator as well as the freezer is packed with all kinds of tempting delicacies that she can hardly wait for us to try. She also mentioned that in case of a blizzard we could survive quite comfortably for weeks!

I've already started laying the ground work that I eat pretty much fruits and veggies. I've also told her that with this cold not much tastes good. I've begged and pleaded with her to not to make certain desserts that are totally irrestible to me. (Come on Mom, don't throw your baby under the bus!) But it pretty much looks like I'll have to take one for the team and throw myself on the live grenade. Don't look, it won't be pretty. (Good Grief, she said she was so full that she might explode, I just never thought it would actually happen. Stand back, there she blows!)

Yes, I hear you screaming at me Portion Control. This is my momma for goodness sake....there is no dog to slip the extra portions to and Mr. Wonderful has a hard time struggling with what my mom loads on his plate already.

Pray for me.....there are land mines waiting for me.

Daisy Dilemma: Where are the brakes on this roller coaster?

Thursday, November 09, 2006 

How Come?

I'm in a wondering mood today.

Why would anyone buy a "one size fits all" unless it's a pup tent?

Why would the manufacturer put "tear here" on a product that won't open without cutting it with scissors or a knife?

Why would you get sick immediately after you resolve to start exercising? Is it a conspiracy?

Why would you make a cough drop that tastes so vile that you are afraid to cough for fear of having to take another one?

Why would you agree to go home to see mom when you know she will make all your favorite fattening foods and you know that your sister who just lost 60 pounds will be there too? How much humiliation can one person take? Talk about two extremes ......I can hear the conversation now.

Mom: I knew you were coming so I baked a pie, a cake, killed the fatted calf and loaded the refrig with every conceivable item you have ever liked and if you love me you'll clean your plate! I did all this just because I love you and you know I'm old and won't be around forever to see you enjoy the things I made for you. Eat up darling!

Sis: Don't I look great? Don't you wish you were me? Did you see my cute clothes that I can wear now? Did I tell you I'm off all medications now? Did I tell you I plan to run a marathon, climb Pike's Peak, and go swimming in the Amazon? Did I tell you how much energy I have now? Did you admire me sufficently? Don't you wish you had the discipline that I do? (etc. etc.)

Me: (Ever the people pleaser) Looks great mom. You certainly outdid yourself. I'm sure Mr. Wonderful and brother-in-law will make short work of (you fill in the blank). I sure want to taste (fill in the blank) a little later. Thank you for all the love you are pouring out on me....Why look, here's my favorite "Heart attack on a plate" how thoughtful of you.

Me: ( to older sister) Yes sister dearest, you are certainly a vision of loveliness. I bow at your feet. You, who have always led the way, blazed the path, been the source of hope and inspiration as well as mom's favorite child. Thank you for acknowledging my lowly presence with your graciousness. I am so glad you excel in all these areas due to your great persistence and discipline (bet the stomach banding helped too.) Thank you for smiling down on this lowly grasshopper....May you live forever! The delight and wonder of my eyes!

Well, maybe it won't happen exactly that way, but it will to my weigh of thinking.

Daisy Dilemma: Is there a graceful way of not offending the two extremes in my life?

Wednesday, November 08, 2006 

Attitude Adjustment?

Both Melli and Sandy spent the weekend with me and in a dieting intervention to help show me the error of my ways.

Both Floozie and Melli are my dieting diva heroes and both excellent "life coaches". Melli has lost 56 pounds and Floozie has lost 32 inches...Me? I've lost my sense of humor, my will to live and about 3 months.

Needless to say my efforts have been stalled for a while so Melli decided she needed to "Jump start"my motivation.

She calls it "Life Lessons applied to the Seat of Knowledge"... ( Also known as an old fashion "Butt Kickin"). Yes, I definitely got the point. In all seriousness, we did talk late into the night about things that work for her and suggestions that might work for me. It's nice to know that somebody has your back even if it means they occasionally give you upward mobility in unconventional ways!

I definitely had an attitude adjustment. It's nice to have friends that will throw you a rope when you are slipping away. Thanks TC for your encouragement and Chubby Toes for not giving up on me even when I give up on myself.

My head is back in the game. I've made the mid-course correction. Now it's one foot in front of the other and no looking back. Thanks for the honesty and the hilliarity.

Daisy Dilemma: Is laughing really internal sit-ups?

Tuesday, November 07, 2006 

My Friend Floozie!

Haven't been blogging lately as I've been too busy living. My friend Floozie came for a visit and we have been tramping all over the countryside. We go to Savannah every year and always stay with Floozie and her hubby but this is the first time she has come to see me.

She arrived Wednesday afternoon and we certainly had lots to catch up on. It has been one steady gab fest for four glorious days.

I took her to some of the more unusal sights and places around the area. We even arranged to meet up with other blogging friends.

Sandy looks incredible (the best I've ever seen her!) She is so faithful at going to Curves and excersing everyday. I was hoping some of her determination would rub off on me.

It was hardly a search and rescue mission for her as she always gives of herself so freely. She had many good suggestions and was disappointed that I hadn't followed through. Being the people pleaser that I am, it hurt me to have failed so miserably when she has such faith in me.

Sorry Floozie.....I'll do better......I promise!

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