Monday, February 01, 2010 

Another Monday morning....

Today is Monday and I heard the scale beckoning to me early this morning. I've been avoiding the scales because I have an obsessive compulsion to weigh every day and I get upset if I go backwards or when my weight fluctuates.

I know it's better to weigh once a week so I deliberately put all my dirty clothes around the scale. I figured I it would 1) motivate me to do the laundry 2) give me exercise toting the clean clothes to the bedroom and into their appropriate drawers or closets and 3) slow down my desire to step on the scale every time I went to the bathroom.

I was delightfully surprised to see another 3 pounds gone getting me back to my starting point with my avatar. So limber up little ole lady cause we are about to start a marathon stroll on our march to 199!

I had a good week diet wise. These are the lessons I learned:

1. I do so much better when I record what I eat and the calorie count.
2. I do more exercise when I wear the pedometer . I think it makes me more aware to get up and move every hour.
3. Little Debbie has Red Velvet cake ( 100 calories) that taste good and is a great treat when you have "cake on the brain". Limit one only!
4. Who knew I would look forward to hot instant oatmeal with cinnamon? Oatmeal doesn't stick to your hips (finally something that doesn't!) and is great comfort food. The cinnamon smells great too!
5. Snack microwave popcorn (100 calories) saved my life this weekend when I was so hungry for something to gnaw on . It's filling and I eat one kernel at a time.
6. Quaker "Mini Delights" chocolate mint satisfied my chocolate craving this week for only (90) calories. Chocolate Kisses seem to wake up the chocolate monster in me. Mini delights are rice snacks with chocolate drizzled on it and satisfies my crunch and chocolate need.
7. Beano is my new best friend. I seem to have developed a gluten intolerance so even small amounts of oatmeal, wheat and flour gives me flatulence. I do eat a lot of beans also so it's a tie what is really the culprit. I actually carry it in my purse now.
8. I still hate exercise and have to force myself to do it.
9. I love to see the scale moving in the downward direction. It makes me do a happy dance which is exercise right?
10. It was nice packing up more fat clothes and getting them out of closet.

Ok, that was probably way too much information but that's what I learned.

Daisy Dilemma: What did you learn about yourself this week?


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