Wednesday, March 28, 2007 

Apples and peanutbutter.....

Oh, wow, I'm in love! I tried a new snack today at work apple with I Tbs of peanutbutter smeared lightly on the slices. Pure heaven.
Sweet, crunchy, nutty, and a little salty with the added protein.
Sign me up! All my favorite tastes rolled into one....the absolute perfect bite! God is Good and so are apples with peanutbutter.
I give it a 5 stars! What's your favorite dieting treat?

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Dear Dr. Lucy,

How is it that my "good intentions" never manifest themselves into successful dieting?

Desperate Dieter Daisy

OK, here's my nickel......what's your answer?

Answer: Dear Desparate Dieter Daisy,

You just need a nap, not a diet. You won't be eating, and you'll get rid of some stress that makes you eat!

Have you got a better answer?


Tuesday, March 27, 2007 

She's Back!! OK, I took an extensive diet break. Most of it had to due with lack of transportation but that issue has been solved so I'm back with a vengeance. Watch out world catch my dust.

What I learned during my 365 reasons to stop dieting......(from Mary McHugh)

  • They say TV adds 10 pounds, so just by not being on TV you lose 10 pounds!
  • Children will love to sit on your lap.
  • Fat-free cottage cheese taste like old washcloths
  • There are 49 million plus-size women in this country. I don't want to feel left out!
  • Without all that cream cheese, ice cream and butter, your bones will get weak.
  • An order of dumplings at the Chinese restaurant is diet food-compared to the spareribs.
  • Only five percent of the population has the genes to look like a model anyway.
  • Life is too short to go without chocolate.
  • The very act of eating uses up 85 calories an hour.
  • 95% of all dieters never lose weight.

I made it back to Curves yesterday and here are my three dieting tips from the Curves manager and my challenge for the week.

1. Attend Curves 3 times this week and do cardio at home on the off days.
2. Drink 8 ounces of water at one time (it's supposed to flush out the toxins in your system)
3. Avoid sugar.


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