Tuesday, October 24, 2006 

Why does everything reminde me of food?

Is it just the season.....or is there a reason that everything reminds me of food. I don't know about you but I've got a sudden craving for a Big Mac!

Just Kidding!

It does look good though doesn't it?

LOL! Where do you FIND this stuff! That is very cool! There are probably fewer calories in that whOle pumpkin than in a Big Mac Sandwich!

Yeap Melli you are right. Yesterday I went into MOPS just to check out how things were going. I was there just in time to hear the NEW mentor mom talking about McDonalds. She had a sandwich and fries there that she had had for 6 months. They still looked okay. She was showing that the stuff they put in them to preserve them works..so what does it do in your body..stays there and makes us FAT. She also showed how many packages of sugar were in things by attaching little packages of sugar to different things. Boy did that bring the point across. It did not make me want to run out and get a McDonald's hamburger for sure!! You needed to see that...Sandy

That is soo cool! LOVE the pic!

Sandy, that is really a great way to get her point across.

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