Monday, September 24, 2007 I'm a Log Ride!

You Are a Log Ride

You prefer to live a fairly calm, relaxed life... with a few surprises thrown in.
You don't tend to get yourself worked up easily. You can roll with what life throws at you.
In relationships, you are steady and solid. You maintain a pretty broad perspective on what's going on.
That's not to say you can't get swept away. You're emotions run as deep as anyone else's.

Your life seems like it has been remarkably easy so far. But that's due to how you manage it.
You never stretch yourself too thinly, and you think out your decisions carefully.
Taking the time to enjoy each day is important to you, and you don't let your emotions rule you.
You stay the course and do what's right... knowing it will all work out in the end.

At your best, you are tolerant and understanding of other people's quirks.
You take "go with the flow" to the extreme. Even if you don't like where you're going.
At your worst, you repress your feelings and end up being a little tightly wound.
You definitely have some explosive emotions that occasionally come to the surface!



Ouch! That will leave a bruise!

Thought for the Day: Success isn't how far you got, but the distance you traveled from where you started.
- Proverb

I got some troubling news over the weekend. It really wasn't a surprise but it did hit me quite hard once it had been confirmed.

If you read my post today over at Lazy Daisy Log then you will know that this news is now
red flagged for me. Red Flagged in that it now becomes not an uneasy speculation but a confirmed area for concentrated prayer. My first response was tears (but then I cry easily, even during commercials!)

After further conversation, I am now more convinced than ever that my job is "to say little and pray much!". It is a great source of comfort for me to know that God is in control and that I can trust Him with the details. The news brought me to my knees (yes, it was a painful trip in more ways than one!) and to the throne .....not the phone.

In the past....I would naturally reach for comfort food (preferably chocolate or turn to my old friends Ben and Jerry) but it had no appeal to me this time. So it was a small victory, but a victory none the less!

I'm sorry for not going into details but this is one area that is too close to the heart to share.

Daisy Dilemma: How do you deal with heart break?


Friday, September 21, 2007 

Thought for the day

"Everyone who got to where they are had to begin where they were."
- Richard Paul Evans I guess wishing isn't going to do it for me, eh?

Today is "Just do it day" at the Daisy Patch. I've made up my "to do list" that I've been ignoring since coming back from Canada but today I'm into checking off the list and I must say it does give me a sense of empowerment. (I am woman here me roar....but then I digress .)

I've got some nagging fears that keep popping up in the back of my head. I dismissed them but they seem to keep coming back. So I'm keeping busy so I don't fall into the "what if game?" Quite frankly there is nothing I can do to change the "what if's" so I might as well sit back and enjoy the ride.

Daisy Dilemma: How long does it take to replace old tapes in your head?


Thursday, September 20, 2007 

My secret affair with "Peter Pan"

Ok, I admit it. I'm having an affair with Peter know the boy that never grew up? I'm hoping he will get Tinkerbell to sprinkle me with pixie dust and I'll wait up thin!

Oh wait, that was a dream I had the other night!

My secret affair is with another Peter Pan. The kind that comes in a jar in either creamy or chunky. Ever since the salmonella scare in February, Con Agra has taken the source of my lust off the shelf.

I went through withdrawal for a while but I finally got the "peanut monkey " off my back and settled for another brand. It wasn't as good , so consequently I wasn't tempted to over eat it. I admit to being a brand snob when it comes to peanut butter.

Just as I began to think that I was a recovered Peanut butter-aholic it's back!

Yes, it's back on the shelf again....calling out to me! The pixie dust that once blinded me to all its fats and calories has reached out to me again. I found a jar of it had flown into my cart all by itself. Oh well, I thought, "I am the Captain of my mouth, I am the commander of what slips through my lips. I can control this!"

Proverbs 9:17 says, " Stolen water is sweet and bread eaten in secret taste good." Let me add that bread with peanut butter is even better! I say that now that I am throwing away the empty jar. I know, ....I should have just spread it directly to my hips and been done with it.

So I am having my own intervention......I can't be alone with Peter Pan Peanut Butter. If you see me mindlessly meandering over to that aisle stop me at all cost. You might have to distract me with chocolate, that how strong the attraction has become.

Daisy Dilemma: Does anyone have a some horse blinders they can spare?


Wednesday, September 19, 2007 

I am a Yo Yo!

I had a chemistry teacher who once used to refer to me as a"yo-yo". It wasn't a term of endearment, but rather an explanation of how simple minded I was, unable to grasp more complex concepts. I'm being to think that maybe she was right.

I'm back from vacation 9 pounds heavier than when I left.

I would love to blame it on gravitational pull or a shifting of the earth but I'm pretty sure chocolate and it's cousins would be a contributing factor.

I know that all this" going up and down" on the scale is not a good thing. I also know what I should eat and what I should stay away from. I've been down this road countless times.....the path is well worn from my good intentions.

I watched "Biggest Loser" last night and saw how disappointed many of them were when they lost 3 pounds instead of big numbers like they were hoping. I'm convinced that I'm hoping to be thin some day without any responsibility or sweat on my part.

Surprise, it's not happening! So it's back to putting one foot in front of the other and making the right choices. It's back to being responsible for what I put in my mouth and getting back into the game. I think I may just have to shorten that string on my yo-yo so my lows aren't such a dramatic dip.

Stress at work, stress at home, anxiety plagues me where ever I roam!

Daisy Dilemma: Any one got some scissors?

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