Sunday, October 22, 2006 

I've never been good with math....

Which one is the pumpkin? Which one is scarier?

I was recently reading an article in a ladies magazine that basically says that "you intuitively know when you're at your best physically, emotionally, intellectually, financially and professionally." The article goes on to recommend getting a mental picture of you at your best (or visualizing). Once you have a clear vision of what your maxium potential looks and feels like, it's easier to create the goals that will take your life there.

The article states that creating a mental picture of what success looks like can actually create new connections in brain and prepare your body for accomplishing any goal you desire.

The biggest factor that keep women from being their best is a debilitating inner crictic....that voice that tells us we're not good enough to succeed and tends to get louder when we're thinking about making important life changes.

While this was not earth shattering information for me it did make me stop and rethink some of my previous actions. Looking at some of the successes of my Dieting Diva's I see that all of them made a committment to better health and have stuck with it. They made up their mind and have kept with it.

Why can't I? What's holding me back? Lack of knowledge? (No, I'm sure I have every diet book ever written, and even read a few of them!) Is it lack of discipline? ( I always start off well and am totally aware of what I'm putting in my mouth.) Lack of encouragement...(no, sistah's you've all been very supportive and butt kickin!) Emotional Eating? (definitely a factor but I'm trying to ease the craving with creative writing to supplant the urge!) Lack of exercise? (I still haven't found anything that I enjoy's all toil, sweat, and drudgery but I am doing it!) Lack of focus? ( I'm already OCD about it, it's taken over my whole life!) Lack of Direction? ( I'm weighing myself, measuring, weighing and measuring my food, what else is there?) Lack of healthy self-teasing to jolly myself out of self-pity? ( No, that's the only thing keeping me going!) Have I missed something? What is the big glaring factor that is missing here?

I've never been good with math but here are some equations I've come up with:

Time+ Confict= Change

Desire+ Consistency+ Time = Change

What is your equation for winning at the losing game?

I don't know what the secret is. I know that I have tried a lot of times before just deciding that no matter what was thrown at me, no matter how hard I fall and no matter how many times, I fall, I WILL NOT GIVE UP! Maybe that is what it is for me, just determination and persistence. I will do this and you will too!

I just wanted to let you know that I have moved my blog. It is located at:

MY equation is

Me + God + Work Together = I win!

But I believe you have the Me + God part down in spades... so I dunno. All I can think is that you haven't obtained that "resolve" that I spoke to you about before. BUT... I do remember reading somewhere once before ...(probably on Lazy Daisy's Log) ... that the biggest problem in overcoming sOMe obstacles is in GIVING YOURSELF the okay. Maybe you haven't really "let go" of your "fat you" yet... maybe while you're going through all the motions to become thinner, you're stilling hanging tight to your 'security fat'... maybe??? Maybe sOMething about being heavy is more comfortable to you than the idea of being thin? I don't know... cuz I'm not IN your head... though you ARE pretty good about letting us know what goes on in there... but I just don't KNOW girlfriend!

Hey... do you know that you are 186 miles from me??? 4 hours and 19 minutes by map quest? I'm thinking I need to take a ride down skyline drive here pretty soon ... and that you are allllllllllllllllllll the way at the end of it! But it's still doable in a day...

STILLING??? God is obviously NOT helping me type!

I'm just checking in to see how you are doing today. ((hugs))

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