Wednesday, October 25, 2006 

What is Normal? that like one size fits all? What is normal? Is it normal to have hormonal cravings for Candy Corn this time of year?

Is it normal to want "comfort foods" that warm your spirit as well as your cold hands?

Is it normal to want food that sticks to your ribs? (also your thighs, back side and belly?)

Patsy Clairmount says "Normal is just the setting on a dryer!"

Is what's normal for you, normal for the rest of society too?

Have an extraordinary day!

At MY house "normal" is complete and utter LACK of normalcy! Thus ... Insanity Prevails! I gave up on "normal" lonnnnnnnnng ago! As a matter of fact... I don't even DESIRE normal any longer. If I can't be ABnormal, then I just don't want to BE!

Have a BEEEEEEauuuuuutiful day in the daisy patch!

Well I think I said to you that I would be "Back to normal" after the kids go home. Also we used to live in Normal, Illinois. So I guess I have NO IDEA at all what NORMAL is. Maybe God knows..ya think??? Sandy

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