Tuesday, July 31, 2012 

My Pusher

Meet my pusher.  No, I don't do drugs but have been known to self medicate with food .  This is my beautiful (feed them till they drop) Mom.  I think she looks like queen Elizabeth don't you?  She hates it when I call her "your majesty".  My mom always want to fee you and will make your favorite dishes when you visit.  If you don't eat enough she sends it home with you!

Mom is 85, lives alone and is one of the most independent women I know.  Her vision is failing and it nearly killed her having to stop driving.  (The rest of family gave a collective sigh of relief!)  She loves her family and feeding us seems to be something she gets a great deal of satisfaction  doing.

Mr. Wonderful and I try to go see her at least once a month and I usually come home having gained weight.  I was surprised and delighted to have actually lost weight after my weekend home.  I was able to say "No thank you Mom, I'm actually quite full."  She did give me her famous "but I made this just for you" and I thanked her profusely acknowledging her culinary skill and totally devotion to detail .  I also reminded her that she bought me fresh cherries and squash also my favorites which I consumed with reckless abandon.

I'm not saying this will not be an issue next month, only that I feel I successively navigated the pitfalls this trip. Hey, do I detect cheek bones in my face.  Hopefully there will be less of me next month when we visit .

So wish me luck I'm on my weigh.

Monday, July 30, 2012 

Monday, Monday

Dear Future Self,

Today I decided to exercise.  You should know that we don't like to exercise and exercise for the sake of just doing it is really boring.  So today I decided to exercise while transplanting flowers in the garden, mulching, weeding and watering.   I got a good workout and you'll be able to enjoy my handiwork whenever you are in the back yard.

You'll be happy to know that I am going to bed earlier and getting up earlier.  We (Mr. Wonderful and myself) are looking at joining the neighborhood gym together and walk over every morning before we go to work.  I don't want to walk over there early in the morning by myself so I think it's something we will do together.  It should help get the extra cardio workout that we need.  We lift and move things all day long but lack the cardio challenge.  If you are reading this then you'll know we were successful.

Today I also made sure that the refrigerator had fresh fruit already washed, stemmed, and ready to eat as well as processed broccoli, squash and kale for ready use. I cleaned out the refrigerator to make sure that you have healthy snacks and that you make the right choices.  I'm not telling you where the junk food is hidden so don't ask.

I weigh today and lost another pound.  That makes 6.5  pounds this week that you will no longer have to carry around.  You will note that it is easier for you to get out of chairs with arms and that your pants aren't as snug as they were last week.  Hopefully these are choices that will last you a life time. 

You go girl.  This isn't an easy journey that we are on but we want you to be totally amazing for Andy and Rachel's wedding.  If you are glowing with health and vitality and able to dance till dawn then I've been successful.    Your Former Fat Self!

Sunday, July 29, 2012 

conquering the weekend

Well, I'm back and it was a really good weekend, all things considered.  My mom is a casserole person and believes everything can be frozen and reheated numerous times.  I told her before coming that we were trying to not eat anything processed but just meat, vegetables, fruits and salad.

She surprised us with  delicious pork ribs, green beans, and fresh cherries.  It was great!  She did make "Glutton" free cookies (if only!).  Mr. Wonderful has a gluten sensitivity but it always make me laugh when she calls them glutton free. 

I read that a little self-talk is helpful when facing temptations of red flag foods.  Instead of saying "I can't eat that" (which leaves you feeling deprived) say "I don't eat  that" (which leaves you feeling in control.)  It actually does help.  I didn't eat any of the cookies even though I was left alone with them on several unguarded moments.  When tempted I was able to go eat some cantaloupe or cherries which satisfied my sweet tooth.  I also knew my friend and mentor was praying for me and didn't want to let her down.  I went to bed by 10PM Friday and Saturday, knowing it was best not to stay up with all the baked goods left unguarded.

Saturday morning started out well.  I usually do the cooking.  I had a triple berry shake and two bacon strips.  We had a lot of running around to do that day as mom can no longer drive and has us running all over town to do the things she can't do.  While shopping at the grocery store I started feeling really weak and started breaking out in a cold sweat.  Mr. Wonderful got me some string cheese that I ate while shopping.  It helped a little but I still felt bad and sweaty.  We bought some Kefir at the market so I drank some of it at the car.  It has more protein and good bacteria than yogurt.  Again it helped but only for a short time.  I carried a banana in my purse when we stopped to shop in another store.

The store was really hot and humid and I found myself standing in front of the fan feeling like I might actually pass out.  Fortunately I found a place to sit down outside (which was cooler than the store) and ate my banana .  By then I had my mother and Mr. Wonderful really upset and asking me what was going on with me.  I think my blood sugar was low, later when writing down my calories I found out I had only eaten about 180 calories and not much protein.

I took my BP when I got back to mom's.  It was good but my pulse was only 51.  I rested at home while my mom got her hair done and ate my normal lunch of tuna and hummus with vegetables.  By mid afternoon the episode had passed and I had no more problems after that.  Mr. Wonderful complained of a headache and my stomach had felt somewhat "ishy" that morning so we are wondering if we had a "touch of something".

Just in case I am carrying a packet of nuts and granola with dried cranberries, yogurt covered raisins,glazed walnuts and dried blueberries in my purse.  After writing down and looking up calorie counts I'm consuming around 1200 calories.

Today went without a hitch.  I had a breakfast shake but this time I had one with more protein and more calories.  I took in about 300 calories this morning.  Once during church I thought I might be getting that same sinking feeling but praise the Lord it left without incident.  * I'm highly suggestible so chalked it up as advanced hysteria!

I'll weigh in the morning but it should be good news.  Where are those chocolate chip cookies?  Down in the man cave and not resting on my hips or backside.  This was a major break through so I'm definitely on my weigh. 

Friday, July 27, 2012 

day 6..go forth and conquer

Whew, I certainly hope that I am getting stronger especially with the boost to my confidence yesterday and the necessary tools to accomplish the task.  I got my hair cut last Sunday. (I always do before going on a major weight loss campaign....I guess I think a it will help change my perspective!

  My hair dresser said I had fine hair....I told her thank you very much, yours looks mighty fine too!  Apparently I have lots of it, it's just really skinny.  Isn't that amazing...something on me is finally skinny!!  Anyway she cut my hair in layers and it looks so much better.  (It looked like I had a dead spider on my head!)

So with tools in hand and a new duo I should be able to go forth and conquer right? This afternoon we leave for Virginia Beach to go visit my mom....(the enabler and pusher of all my favorite foods!)  Who would ever think that this sweet little gray hair great grandmother was a primary diet buster!  Who would think I have so little self control around her?  My wonderful mom believes that " nothing says lovin....like something from the oven" and with her limited vision will make gluten free chocolate chip cookies and brownies for Mr. Wonderful.  If only I could keep my paws out of his stash !  It's always been a problem for me in the past but only because I've let it be.

So keep me prayed up, won't be posting till Sunday.  I"m on my weigh (to the valley of the shadow of death and  temptation!)

Thursday, July 26, 2012 

day 5

Today was a happy day.  The scale is finally starting to move in the direction I want and it's Thursday.  Thursday's are the day my friend Karen comes to help me at the mission.  We always have so much fun working together and it really makes the day so much faster.

Last Sunday when I started this current life change.  I asked her if she would be my mentor, sponsor , butt-kicker, adviser,  accountability partner and cheerleader. ( I don't ask for much other than a full time commitment  for keeping me on the straight and narrow!)  Being the wonderful godly woman that she is, she agreed and she is the perfect person having lost 100 pounds herself and kept it off.

So my wonderful friend has been sending me encouraging emails, cards and today she arrived bearing gifts!  Woo Hoo!  Was it chocolate?  Was it something gooey and heavenly? Not exactly but it was certainly something I needed.  She brought me a portion control plate so I have a visual cue on how much meat, grains, vegetables and fruits constitutes a portion.  Now my next task is to see how high I can make the pile without getting out of the border.  (Just kidding Karen!)

She also brought me the  2012 Calorie King Calorie, Fat and Carbohydrate counter which is the bomb!  Wow, talk about the mother load!    It lists everything including fast food and restaurants.  Bad News is now I can start looking up the calories.  She also brought me a food journal page for the week to write down what I've been eating.  So now I've been busted.....no more excuses!  Thanks a lot Karen (said with some sarcasm but with great respect!)

We worked on processing medical supplies today and I found out my friend is a great packer.  She certainly  can get a lot in what I already considered a full box!  With her help we were able to finish inventorying and boxing everything up.  Mr. Wonderful will take the list and put it out on the list server for other missions to use for the price of the shipping.

I actually went to bed at 10:30 .....that almost never happens.  I got the munchies during Project Runway so settled on some 100 calorie microwave popcorn.  That satisfied my sweet and salty urge.

So now I'm equipped, prayed up and on my weigh!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012 

Be angry and sin not

Things went well today with life, my diet, and the world until I got home and decided to make a really nice dinner for the Mr. and me.  Mr. Wonderful is a very focused and driven man.  He's truly wonderful in all situations , except, after 39 years of marriage he treats me like "one of the guys at work".

He had already decided to mow the grass as soon as he got home and hopped on the mower like a cowboy on a cattle drive.  I looked out of my window and thought, "Poor baby, I know I'll surprise him with a really great dinner."  I should emphasize that dieting always makes me very food conscious and a nice dinner was the supreme compliment I could give him.  So I made steamed yellow squash with onions, grilled a small lean steak , made a killer salad, and baked a sweet potato.  I had it timed to perfection and had it ready to plate when he came in from mowing the yard.  I sweetly told him that I had dinner ready.  He responded by going over to our neighbor's house to do a transaction and didn't come back for 45 minutes.

Well dear reader, I was really mad.  I waited for him about 15 minutes and finally decided to eat my meal as I was already angry at him and I like my food hot.  I am a slow eater so thought he would be coming back any time and would catch up.  When he finally showed up 45 minutes later he was focused on moving  the item he purchase and had trouble moving it.  It took him another 20 minutes before he finally came in to stay.

I am not a vengeful person but I was thinking of ways to make his dinner as unappealing as possible.  I thought about letting the cat eat it, spitting in it, putting some bitter tasting squash in his plate or just throwing the whole thing away.    One thing he promised me when we started this diet that we would eat together at the table and not while watching TV or being distracted by anything else.

I didn't sabotage his dinner only because I believe food is a sacred event and should be eaten with respect and love .  Fortunately for him my motives were pure when I made his dinner.  Did he know that I was mad? You bet, I'm not one to suffer in silence.  He apologized and told me he was just so focused on that event that he never thought about me, food, or timing.  I know that's true but this chick does not like to ignored or forgotten about totally.

Normally I would go drown my sorrows with a pint....of  Ben and Jerry's or call on my friend Little Debbie but not tonight.  I read a book, and wrote this blog post.  Now I'm trying to get over what's eating me before I turn to mood food.   Wish me luck I'm on my weigh to a better way of dealing with my frustrations.



day 4

Yesterday was a hard day physically with lots of volunteers, lifting bags and 40 pound boxes.  The group stayed here till 3 in the afternoon which really stretched my strength and endurance not to mention my kindness, goodness and patience.

Some times having junior high helpers is more work than what work actually gets accomplished.  I'm convinced that there is a special place in heaven for Jr. High leaders!  We all survived the ordeal but now I have a lot more work sorting for the next group.

     We enjoyed the rain.  It certainly cooled things down temperature wise.  We've been eating our meals at the table, eating slowly, not gulping down our food, paying attention to what we are eating and savoring it.  I had a bowl of cabbage soup last night around 9 pm while watching TV.  I don't think I was really hungry but decided it would be the best choice.

Mr. Wonderful weighed himself this morning and found out he had lost 6 pounds.  He tells me that his stomach feels better and the arthritis in his hands are better.  I've lost 5 and half pounds since Sunday so I'm a happy camper too.....only 95 more to go!

Karen tells me I need to set some short term goals so I don't get overwhelmed so here goes!

1.  First 10 pounds I lose I would like to reward myself with a new bracelet.
2.  First 15 pounds I lose I would like to go to a movie.
3.  First 25 pounds I lose I would like buy a new dress.
4.  First 30 pounds I lose I would like to go on a hot date planned by Mr. Wonderful.

So those are my rewards and short term goals.  My big goal is to lose 30 pounds in the next 3 months so wish me luck I'm on my weigh.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012 

day 3

Here it is already day three.  Last night went well.  We had a rain storm that wiped out our electricity so I read on the porch (as far away from the kitchen as possible!)  The book is very entertaining and called "Great Aunt Sophia's Lessons for Bombshells" by Llisa Cach.  You know it's good when I spend time cleaning so I can get back to the book.

Mr. Wonderful and I were considering grilling our food when the lights and power came back on.  We had a lovely dinner and then  went to the pharmacy and to the library.

I went to bed later than I planned but did not graze all night long like I usually tend to do. Today will be a busy day as we will be having a group to help us pack used clothing.

So far so good, I'm calm and no junk food in sight.  I make Mr. Wonderful hide it. I've been enjoying fresh fruit and vegetables and lean meats with no hormones or antibiotics added.  My sweet tooth seems to be satisfied with grapes, watermelon and strawberries.

  So once again I'm off to a good start.  The real test comes in the staying power.  So wish me luck I'm on my weigh.

Monday, July 23, 2012 

day two

Today is Monday.  I usually start my diets on Monday but not this time.  I found this quote from Jackie Gleason that the second day is always easier....I have to agree. ( Not because I've already quit,) but because I'm gaining some momentum.

I ate my cabbage soup yesterday which was very filling and which I later learned has a diuretic effect.  Needless to say my sleep was interrupted by several trips to the bathroom.  I'm sure I've already lost some weight as my toes were not little stuffed sausages this morning.  Water weight loss is still a loss right?  I'll take whatever I can get!

I turned the TV off last night at 10 pm with every intent on going to bed however I got detoured into the kitchen and decided to put away the mess I had made earlier while preparing the soup and veggies.  One thing led to another and the next thing I knew it was 11:30.  The kitchen however was spotless, floor mopped, dishes washing in the dishwasher, trashed emptied, and a load of laundry in the washer.  I liked getting up to a clean kitchen, think I'll try getting it done earlier so I can get to bed earlier tonight.

We had a lovely breakfast this morning.  I made an egg-white omelet with cheese, green peppers and mushrooms with bacon.  I also cut up strawberries and cantaloupe.  I insisted we eat at the table and that we have a leisurely meal.  We tend to gulp down our food to rush to another project.  Were we late for work?  Yes, we were!  Guess I'll need to do more preparations the night before and start preparing the food earlier.

The older you get, the tougher it is to lose weight, because by then your body and your fat are really good friends.  ~Author Unknown

My computer died at work so I took that as a sign I needed to work from home this afternoon.  I love it!  Right now I'm watching 10 swallows having a pool party in our bird bath while sitting nose to nose with my cat JJ (he loves watching the birds from my desk too!)  Mr. Wonderful calls it Cat TV.

So far this day has gone well.  I'm being a domestic goddess this afternoon cleaning the nest and occasionally reading a chapter or two of a good book.  It's a game I play.  (Clean for 15 minutes, read a chapter....hey it works for me!)  

     The real challenge comes tonight.  So wish me luck I'm on my weigh.

Sunday, July 22, 2012 

A new day a new start

Hello long forgotten blog and weight loss.  Here's a picture of my son and his gorgeous fiance Rachel .  Once again I've let myself down by being lazy, and self-indulgent and now I only have about 3 months left till the big event.

Do I really think that I can drop a significant weight loss in that short time?  Of course I want to, wish to, desire to, hope to and if I could throw pixie dust in the air and make it happen would do.

I know I am an emotional eater and I stay up way to late at night.  I need to get to bed earlier so I'll stop eating my weigh up the scale.  I do fine during the day but I tend to graze all night (Moo!)  I need to stop that immediately.  I could go to bed the same time my hubby does but he is in bed most nights by 9:30.  When I go to bed earlier I wake up earlier....I guess I could start my day at 4 am but that makes for a very long day.

I did do some positive steps today.

1. I weighed myself. (shock to the system!)
2.  I started writing down every thing that goes in my mouth.
3.  I bought only healthy food at the store.
4.  I made Mr. Wonderful take his snacks downstairs and hide them in the man cave.
5.  I asked a friend to mentor me and hold me accountable on a weekly basis.
6.  I blew off the dust on my weight loss blog and started again.
7.  I made cabbage soup (broth based veggies to help curb my appetite ).
8.  I cut up small containers of celery, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, and zucchini to snack on.
9.  I cubed a watermelon into bite size pieces to snack on.
10.  I told myself to go to bed earlier tonight.

So I'm all prayed up and starting over again.  Wish me luck I'm on my weigh! 
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