Friday, December 15, 2006 

Well my juggling act is finally finished!

The last 15 days have been a mad dash to the finish line. Knowing that we leave for Canada on Monday has really made me finish up all my Christmas projects and get both our personal mailing and the 1500 pieces mission mailing out.

Gifts have been mailed, shopping completed (except for baby items and that will be fun shopping with Mommy-to-be.) The laundry is caught up, animal care lined up, house clean, just packing and last minute items to finish now.

While my to do list has been covered my stress eating hasn't. My weight is still going up and down with whatever stress I allow to invade my peace.

So I'm back to walking with Leslie this morning. She greeted me cheerily like a long lost friend and was just as encouraging as she has always been. I'm thinking of checking out some exercise tapes at the library and see if there are any I want to invest in......if nothing else it will give me more variety in my work out.

I did check with Curves. They charge 60 dollars a month to work out. I did get a coupon that you can work out for two months for 50 that is an option I will explore further. Since we will be gone for two weeks it will definitely have to wait.

Watching the finale of the Biggest Loser was exciting. I love that these people lost the weight through diet and exercise and not surgery. It gives me hope that it can be done.

So now it's eat sensibly, don't wait till Monday or the New Year to start, start back with walking in the living room for now and explore my options.

Life is what you make it and I want to live my "best" life.

Thanks for hanging in there with me when it would have been easy just to hang me!

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