Wednesday, January 24, 2007 

Lets Hear it for Leslie!

According to a news article I just read in First magazine (Feb.12, 2007 edition)

"Your busy day can help you shed 18% more fat.

Breaking up your walk into three 10 minute bursts will help you lose 18 % more weight (including 55% more belly fat) than a single 30 minute session, according to a study in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. The reason: The body takes longer to recover from a brisk burst, so calories are burned for a longer period of time."

Hmmm....did Leslie have it right all along? Her newest DVD divides the sections into one mile increments that last about 10 minutes each. It starts out hard and fast and builds. I'm going to start taking it with me to work and take some 10 minute walk breaks in the meeting room where there is a DVD player.

Daisy Flashing News Break: I do not like to exercise, I probably never will like to exercise,
but I am doing it. I refer to it as Physical Therapy as I see it as a necessary evil. The word Curves reminds me of overly perky people that could easily be running for office.

I did manage to lose a pound and half this week (miracle of miracles). I tend to weigh daily just because I'm obcessive complusive about the scales and consequently my mood changes with whatever they say. I am trying to weigh once a week as Calorie King looks over my food diary and evaluates the week. It's a great service and they do have some really good receipes.

I haven't changed the weight on my slider because I'm totally inept at such things plus it would break my heart to see it move the wrong direction. So consequently I look at it and say....ok, 6 more pounds to reach where I was.

If that seems like I'm doing the "back stroke" so be it! I will not let my past preformances dictate my future.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007 

Beats Me?

Well Dahlings.....It's been quite a week.

I have a new granddaughter and so my heart, head and thoughts have been in Canada this week.

I've not given up but I seem to be all over the scale, and off the scale emotionally!

I started off up by 12 hiss (hitting self in the head!)

First week.... became obcessive compulsive about everything and I lost 8 pounds ( happy dance, happy dance)

Joined Curves and got irritated at all happy, perky people! boo hiss!

Went home to celebrate Mom's 80th birthday got hit with tons of food, and family drama trauma..... drat that emotional eating.

Went to Savannah.....had a great time with Floozie and old friends, went to Curves, went out to eat ....ate more than I should have...(what else is new?) gained 4 pounds

This week's weigh in is tomorrow and unless I lose a major body part over night, it's not looking good for this week either.

Daisy Dilemma: I'm keeping a food diary, going to physical therapy 3 times a week, walking with what else is there?


Thursday, January 11, 2007 

Can you say overwhelmed?

It's been a good week, I've done everything I set out to do.

I've been to Curves 3 times this week (hence forth and forever to be referred to as "Physical Therapy")

My weight is down, my exercise up, so why do I feel overwhelmed?

Is it possible to make too many changes at one time?

Why do I feel drained, and irritated at perky people?

Shouldn't I be doing the "Woo Hoo Dance?'

Wednesday, January 10, 2007 

Oh No She Didn't.....

Ok, I dragged my self into Curves yesterday. I did the 3 mile advanced walk at home, had a prayer time with my accountability partner and actually showed up and joined.

The lady who runs the place is named "Becky" (honestly Lord, don't I have enough Becky's in my life now? Is there any reason for adding another to the mix?") I seem to collect Becky's and Sandy's like some people collect antiques, or memoribilia. Isn't there anyone out there named Mary or Ellen or Jennifer? Three of any thing is considered a collection and I have a lot more friends named Sandy or Becky than just three.

This Becky is very personable and right away wants to be my best friend. I later discover that she has been a weight watchers leader for 15 years and just exudes perkiness. ( Did I ever tell you how much I hate perkiness?)

"Oh, "she gushes, "You are so going to love it here....I can tell right away you are going to be one of our success stories! Here's one of our calendars, my personal card with my home phone number, the keys to the kingdom, a list of monthly activities , the hours we are open, the list of restruants we go to every Tuesday night , a listing of all the area Weight Watchers meetings, and area Bible Studies. This is also the phone number of one of our members who has lost 85 pounds since July just in case you need added incentive. But first sign this waiver!"

Me: Waiver? What am I signing?
Her: "That you won't sue me if you die while exercising here!"
Me : (Laughing) Well, if I'm dead, you won't have to worry about me sueing you!"
Her: Looking very seriously.....not you, so your family won't sue me!
Me: Are you CPR certified?
Her: (Looking at me susciously) Should I be? Do you have heart problems?
Me: No, I don't but even the Girl Scouts require a certified person with them at every meeting or camp out. You really should have some one here that is certified or at least has had some emergency first aid experience. Do you have a defibrilator on the premises? Did you know that CPR alone seldom to never brings back a victim's heartbeat alone. Victims of cardiac arrest need early defibrillation to the heart for the best chance of survival. AED's can increase survival rates by 30-40-50-even 60 percent over calling an ambulance alone.
Her: (Perkiness starting to drain from her voice and starting to think I'm a spy from a competing gym, replies icily) I'll look into it. Sign!

We go through the routine dance of weighing and measuring and hit the machines. She explains every piece of equipment very throughly and each muscle group that the machine targets. She is very knowledgeable and exacting in the preformance of each exercise. She explains patiently that form is important to get the maximum effectiveness from each piece of equipment. She demonstrates each piece of machinery and watches me as I return the performance. I'm starting to warm up to her now that she is all business.

We go around the circuit together and she encourages me to go through each machine again so she can observe. There is definitely an edge to her voice and I can tell from her change in expression that she is now starting to believe that I'm a plant from corporate headquarters checking up on the local franchise owners. This delights the "bad grrrl in my rebellious self" so I suddenly can't remember anything she has so patiently taught me. I mess up, she corrects, she demonstrates and finally out of frustration she has me stand in the middle of the circle and observe. Talk about performance anxiety!

As I'm observing the correct "way" I also notice several people with very bad form and can see potential injury from several ladies that are over extending and squatting past the level of their knees (which I cheerfully point out to my new best friend!) so she correct them.

OK, so I've probably alienated (my new best friend)and as I'm leaving she calls me over to the office, politely but firmly telling me that the squeaky wheel gets the most oil so if there is a problem she needs to know about it so she can fix it.

I smile sweetly and assure her that she'll be the first one to know.

I leave with satisfaction that I'm again in charge of my life.

Daisy Dilemma: Devilish Daisy is soooo baaaad!


Tuesday, January 09, 2007 

Starting my second week

And the smelly sneaker award goes to......Me!!!

OK, one week down and 8 pounds gone of the 12 I gained so I'm still in the red.

Yesterday was an eventful day for me.

Leslie and I did our second 3 mile advanced walk( one with weights and one with the stretch band) and I lived through the experience. (Not enough to try the 5 mile walk yet!) I definitely sweated and was tired afterwards and I'm still waiting on the endorphins to kick in!

Would love to tell you that I'm really pumped about exercising but Momma taught me not to lie!

The Mellster insisted that I take pictures of my "Fluffy" self as motivation. The only motivation I see from those pictures is that they defitinely takes away your appetite! Groan, now I know why I avoid mirrors!

I had a wisdom tooth removed yesterday so I'm not eating much as it is still tender. I only have two left so can't use that as motivation very often!

I did go by Curves yesterday (after my traumatic dental experience) and did get the hours they are opened and information. Good News: I was misinformed at the is 29 dollars a month! (Thank you Jesus!) and not 60 dollars like I was initally told.

I'm trying to gather motivation to go this morning.......I'll take a pain killer so maybe I won't remember the trauma! Yes, I know I'm a drama with it!

I went to my first community Bible Study on Daniel last night. It looks like a terrific study even though I have to get a weeks worth of lessons done by Thursday morning so I won't be behind.

Well it looks like my morning is pretty well scheduled and I need to be at work by noon. Time to grab breakfast and get started.

Daisy Dilemma: Does anyone really enjoy exercise and look forward to it?

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Sunday, January 07, 2007 

Sunday Reflections....

Ahhh, Sunday afternoon.....relaxing and a treat for the weary spirit to catch up with the rest of the body. Also a time of reflection over the past week and a time of evaluation.

Day 6 of New Start: Church and Brunch ( my favorite breakfast with my favorite guy) . We had vegetable egg beaters with cheese and side dish of strawberries and bananas! The scale shows 5 pounds less of me (however I still am making up lost ground).

What I've done right so far:

1. I've walked two miles in my living room every day with Leslie Sansone. (30 minutes)
2. I joined Calorie King and have been electronically recording what I've eaten and my exercise.
3. I've made good food choices and stayed withing my calorie level (I'm actually eating more calories than I usually do!)
4. I have kept a positive attitude all week (ok, I may have had a anxious moment or two but I still pressed on to do the right will take awhile to replace old tapes that keep playing in my head.)
5. I enlisted a prayer partner/ accountability partner that is not afraid to (kick my Christian love of course!)

What I will do differently this coming week:

1. I will actually make it to Curves this week.
2. I will start the community Bible Study this week.
3. I will will walk every day this week and will try to sneak in the 3 mile walk at least once.
4. I will continue to make good food choices and record them. (Even though I'm going home and will be traveling to Savannah ) .
5. I will keep healthy snacks available to snack on.
6. I will continue to replace "stinkin thinking" with positive self talk (This one is huge people!)

Daisy Dilemma: Why do I keep focusing on my old self image instead of moving on to who I am becoming?

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Friday, January 05, 2007 

Day 4....A Crazy Daisy day

Day 4 into New Start.

I live in a very small rural community. In our Post Office is a notice that reads "Weekly Exercise Class" from 8 to 9 a.m. Friday mornings at the Community Center. Free!

Mr. Wonderful decided that it might be lovely for me to meet the local ladies, develop friendships and become more entrenched into our community. So he has strongly encouraged me that "Free is better than cheap and that I should at least give it a try."

I am not an adventuresome person. I truly hate to do anything by myself. I agonize over anything new especially in a social setting. I'm usually fine once I get there but it takes great determination on my part to actually get into the car and show up. I am the procrastination queen. I can usually find 900 reasons why this isn't a good time to start something new. I'm usually very good at talking myself out of potentially difficult situations. Take a look inside my head:

Me: Ok, I need to get dressed and go to the community center. How Bad Can It Be?

Self: Hmmm....lets see, you'll be the fattest person in the room and probably the oldest too. I bet they will probably be doing step aerobics or grapevines all over the gym that you'll never be able to catch on. Do I really need this valley of humiliation?

Me: (starting to hyperventilate) I can do this! It will be alright. I can always just march in place if I can't get the step. After all this work out is for me, no one else. Nothing ventured , nothing gained.

Self: Who are you kidding? You don't know any one there, and have nothing in common with any of them. At least you will serve as a horrible example of what happens to a person who has no discipline. I bet they won't talk to you or even acknowledge your presence. Why not get another cup of coffee....we can walk with Leslie right here in our own living room in our jammies, beside it's cold and rainy out there and you might melt. Wait isn't that the telephone (saved by the bell!)

Me: It's my accountability partner....she asked why I haven't left's already after 8. (Gulp, I promised I'd give it a try so I've got to go.)

So with fear and trepidation I jump in the car and go to the community center. When I get there, there are two cars in the parking lot. No one is in the community center except for two volunteer firemen . If I had brought them cookies I'm sure they would have exercised with me but with a sigh of relief ( I did try!) I went home and walked two miles with Leslie in my living room.

Later I pick up my friend and accountability partner and we head out to meet a friend. We get side stepped at a local shop I've always wanted to go (it was fun and better than I ever dreamed) however by the time we arrive at Curves they are closed. Apparently they are open from 6am to 11am then open from 3:30 to 7 p.m. on Fridays.

Is God trying to tell me something?

At lunch I order a bagel with turkey, cheese and sundried tomatoes. It comes with chips, a dill pickel spear and a peppermint candy. Just before we dig in my friend and neighbor asks for an extra napkin and they next thing I know she's opened the napkin on the table and is taking all of my potatoe chips off my plate and looks at me with one chip in my hand and says, "Drop it, now" with all the authority of a Dirty Harry staring down a criminal.

What? " Come on, I'll count these calories, as a matter of fact I haven't been getting all my calories in " I protest.

"Drop it or lose it", she says again slowly beginning to stare me down.

She took my mint too!

Daisy Dilemma: When does friendship turn into a police state? Is this friendship or homeland security? Do I pose a security risk to myself?

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Thursday, January 04, 2007 

One foot in front of the other.....

Day three of New Start.....

So far so good. (But then I always start off's just that dratted middle part that trips me up!)

So far I've walked my 30 minutes every day, made good food choices, stayed within my calorie restrictions, joined Calorie King (sort of like an on line weight watchers but for only 45 dollars a year rather than 260 dollars!) and recorded everything I've eaten.

I found out too late that the first Bible Study was today (found out after it ended) but have made arrangements to pick up the book so I won't be behind in the study.

I'm staying positive and plan to check out Curves tomorrow morning. My accountability partner is going with me ( otherwise she thinks I'll procrastinate....sheesh does she know me or what?) and afterwards we are picking up a friend of ours that is having a very hard time for a girls days out.

The scale showed 3 pounds less of that made me smile.

Had a "God momment" yesterday afternoon that blessed me down to my toes.....not to mention hiked up my accountability 1000 % ( Talk about preformance anxiety!) Thanks to the special some one in my life that doesn't mind slapping me on the back, across the face (just to get my attention?) or on the butt to get me going.

I am indeed most blessed!

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007 

All aboard for Thin City!

Christmas and New Years have blessed me with a gain of 12 pounds. I feel like Homer Simpson in that I should be hitting myself in the head saying “Dough” (Yes, I’m sure it was bread or carbs or sweets that did me in!)

However, I’m taking the advice of the authors of “you on a diet” suggest and instead of beating myself up and throwing myself into the live volcano of Chocolate, I’m reapeating the diet mantra. “At the next available moment, make an authorized You Turn.” Get back on the right road now. This mantra helps by reminding me to be confident and positive and not to quit because of taking the wrong turn.

The illistration is of a GPS satelite navagation system. It gives you directions but if you miss a turn or turn onto the wrong street it doesn’t berate you or scold you by telling you that you might as well drive off a cliff. Instead all it says, very politely, is this, “At the next available moment, make an authorized U-turn.”

I’m all for directions, accountability, and cheer leading. Thin City is the destination and I’m all for traveling together. I need all the help I can get. Thanks for taking the trip with me.

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Tuesday, January 02, 2007 

New Year, New Commitment

Hello 2007!

I got my wake up call this morning when I stepped on the scale.....if it could have talked I'm sure it would have said, "Please, one at a time!"

My weight is up by 12 pounds. I was shocked and horrified at the number but at least it's a starting point.

I did some very positive things today. I blew the dust off the "Walk away the Pounds" video and walked with Leslie. I made good food choices, I had a good Bible Study and prayer time and made some resolutions.

I'm horrible about not following through so I called my friend and neighbor to be my accountability partner. I drew up the following contract that we both signed and both of us have a copy.

Daisy's 2007 Resolutions:

With God’s help and some butt kicking from Beckie Fitzgerald I want to be below 200 pounds by 2008.

In order to accomplish this goal I resolve to:

1. Walk 30 minutes every day.

2. Eat sensibly, watching portions, make wise food choices.

3. I will record my BP, pulse, exercise of the day, food consumed, vitamins and supplements as well as what God is teaching me daily.

4. I will confront bad choices by repeating the mantra”

“At the next available moment, make an authorised You-Turn.

5. I will look into joining Curves for a 2 month trial period.

6. I will keep healthy snacks available in the refrig at all times.

7. I will pray every day and read my Bible.

8. I will join the Daniel Community Bible Study.

9. I will keep a positive attitude.

10. I will reward myself with non-food treats.

So there they are! All of them doable and my friend and neighbor won't let me get away with anything......I told her she can ask me about any of these any time and even ask "Did you lie about any of the above!"


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