Tuesday, October 31, 2006 

I Can't Look!

Today is Halloween.....a day of witches, ghosts, ghouls, zombies and all things unholy. The picture on the left is how I usually approach anything scarey. I hid my eyes.....and won't look and maybe the scarey thing will go away.

Guess What? It really doesn't work. I may choose to not see what is going on but the scale is the scariest thing I'm having to face right now. I may not be able to count calories but my body does and it is exhausted trying to keep up with the numbers.

I would love to tell you that I fell off the wagon but as I told TC , I did a "swan dive" off of it. I dived in head first and wallowed in willfulness. There are consequences for "bad behavior" and one of them is seeing the scale go galloping in the opposite direction. (Don't ask...it's bad and will take weeks to recover!)

So please.....no sympathy.....old fashion "butt kickin" is the order of the day. I'm in recovery mode from my swimming with the sharks of sugar.

My friend Floozie is on her way to see me (Search and rescue mission?) and we are working on a lunch hook-up with Melli. (Sounds like an intervention to me?)

Let me go blow the dust off of Leslie and "Walk away the pounds".

Daisy Dilemma: How come the return trip is always uphill?

OY! WOMAN! You have gotta GIVE yourself a couple of weeks of GOOD behavior before it's concidered "falling off" ... or even diving! I'll give you a great big ol' HUG when I see you -- and then I'll KICK YOUR BUTT!!! (and then we'll eat!) :D

I have been doing really bad the last couple of days. REALLY bad. But I am doing better today and I will do better from now on.

I love your "Daisy Dilema". I had never thought of it quite that way but it is so true. No need to butt kick...you are doing that well on your own. And I am right there beside you. So tie a rope to me and we will make it up this hill together!

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