Friday, October 06, 2006 

Be Glad and Rejoice. Let the Happy Dance Begin!!! Shout for joy and get your groove on!

My Good Friend ....Flip Flop Floozie has broken her plateau after 3 mo
nths of faithfully staying the course she has finally been rewarded by the Fat Fairy!

Go on over and give her a Holler! Go see why she is one of my Diet Diva's ( her diet name is the Incredible Shrinking Woman!)

I believe in celebrating! Life is hard, so any time we can have a Victory Parade we should!

Sandy and I have been friends forever and there is no one who has worked harder or been more faithful. I'm so pleased for you Sweetie. Great Job!

Well what a Party is going on here. I will bring the Blizzard from Dairy Queen Okay!! smile!! THanks for the Big Party...what a friend!! Sandy

I'm here for the party!!! I have already congratulted Miss Floozie and I am here to PAR TAY!!!
I brought some vegies and fruit to snack on...WOO HOO!

Oh...fruits and vegies along with our blizzards...we are now having a party!! THanks for joining Miss Jane...What a party...A whole Three of us so far!!

I am here to join in the party too! Congrats to Flip Flop Floozie!!! I brought some ww muffins and cookies!

I WAS just over there! She's doing SO great -- and YEP, I'm proud of her too! She plugs and plugs and plugs away! YAY FLOOZIE!!!

Oooops! Forgot to mention -- I brought the Margarita LIGHTs! LOL!

You are a good friend Lazy Daisy. Congrats to Flip Flop Floozie. I brought the weight watcher ice cream sandwiches.

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