Friday, October 06, 2006 

What is my motivation?

It's a cold wet rainy dark day. Mr. Wonderful is out of town and even the animals are all curled up sleeping. So far my only motivation has been to look for the first cup of creamy caffeine to kick off my day.

I've just read a response and a post on resolving ( not wish for, hope for,think about, would like too, maybe in the future kind of fuzzy thinking) but actually making up making up your mind and having it settled once and for all. Both authors had made that resolution before starting off on their weight loss journey.

It gave them a new focus and direction. So it was no longer, get up and go through the motions but more like, look at the map to see where you are now and which direction will take you to your designation. Is there a quicker route? Is this road a straight shot, a super highway or a long winding country road. The choices are still there but the location and direction are already determined.

So after this cup of java I'm off to follow the yellow brick road.......

MIne would be a long winding country road because that is just the way I lose weight..slowly and I have to stay deliberate with it and persisitant...go to my blog and see. I am doing a happy dance today friend..Love Sandy

Alrighty then! That's the way! And you put it much more eloquently than I EVER could! (who's the other one? i wanna read too!)

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