Wednesday, July 23, 2008 

Yep, That's pretty much describes it!

After all the exercise I got this past weekend in Philadelphia I decided it was time to bump up my exercise level to the 2 mile walk with Leslie.

Bear in mind I have not been able to do the 2 mile walk since my knee accident a year ago. What the heck, why not try it at least. I know I did 9 and a half miles in 95 + how bad could it be?

They say a picture it worth a thousand words!

I did manage to complete the work out but I am certainly feeling the results right now.

I hate being such a powder puff. So, I guess I'll drag my body back this morning to see if it will get any easier.

Daisy Dilemma: Part of my exercise dilemma is that I have never yet found a form of exercise that I truly enjoy rather than just being endured. Any suggustions?


Tuesday, July 22, 2008 

Lap Band Check up

I'm back in my nest after a whirlwind trip to Philadelphia. I also had a check up on Friday at University of Virginia and had more saline injected into the lap band.

The purpose is to keep food in the pouch longer, thus making you feel full longer. I was able to lose 10 pounds since my last visit which was nothing short of a miracle.

I was so glad not to have gained weight from all our travels and bad choices .

So here's to more exercise, better choices, and slowly getting my body back.

Daisy Dilemma: Do you preplan your food and snacks for the week? I seemed to do much better when I do plan, and cook things ahead. I also do better when I record what I've eaten each day.


Thursday, July 10, 2008 


Time for a little dreaming here.....What can I see myself doing when I'm leaner? You Got It! Walking arm in arm with my sweetie of 35 years. Taking more trips, being more active and more adventuresome.

I'm hoping our Phily trip will be one of many romantic get aways.

Our anniversary is the 14th but our trip is scheduled for the following weekend. We are planning a long weekend coming back on the following Monday.

Work at ETS is physically demanding and it seems when we are home we are bombarded by all the household chores that need tending to. I'm hoping being away from our routine will promote some deeper conversations and prompt some casting visions and dreaming dreams about our future.


Friday, July 04, 2008 

Soon to see Liberty Bell....

Yes, it's the liberty bell in Philadelphia and I'm going to see it this month as well as Independence Hall, Betsy's Ross' house, Franklin Institute , National Constitution Center as well as answering the age old question "Who makes the best Philly Beef and Cheese Steak sandwich..Pat or Geno?

Mr. Wonderful is out puttering in the garage so I spent my "8 Minutes with Jeorge" 15 minutes with Leslie and another 10 minutes becoming a Latin Dancer Contortionist . I'm in my cool down period now, rehydrating, and of course blogging. My BP has been remarkable the last couple of days and it looks like I may be able to cut back on some of my medications soon.

I've decided to wait till the 8th to weigh again as it will be a week. I know I've already dropped 4 pounds,now I just need to be diligent with my exercise and careful on my food choices and portions. I'm hoping to throw another 1 mile walk in the mix later this afternoon while Mr. Wonderful is somewhere on the Southern Coast of France lost in adventures with his pile of books or puttering around in his basement in the man cave.

Hope your day was glorious and filled with fun and food.


Thursday, July 03, 2008 

Third day and still going strong.....

Just finished walking with Leslie in my living room. She looked fresh as a daisy.....I was one droopy daisy! I started with the one mile walk and the first day had to use my cane to get through it. Yesterday I was able to get through the whole thing without the use of my cane....(and the Rocky Balboa came out in me..cue the music!)

"Wooohooo" I thought, "I bet I could do this tomorrow with the hand weights." So I added 3 pound hand weights today and did manage to finish the one mile walk without the cane but I'm certainly not fresh as a a matter of fact I hear the shower calling my name.

I've been trying to add other forms of exercise in addition to walking with Leslie. Today I also found my copy of "8 Minutes in the Morning" and did the first strength training exercises. It took me 20 minutes (but that's cause I had to find the hand weights that I tossed under the bed and then I had to get all the dust bunnies off them. Did I mention that it took me 10 minutes just to get off the floor?)

Yesterday I got my copy of Core Rthymns in the mail. So this morning I started my career as a Latin Dancer. Considering I have no rthymn, a huge core, sagging muscles under an ample protective layer of fat, boobs that bob up and down with the music, an umbilical hernia , don't know right from left and have a bum knee....I did really well. As you might have guessed I'm in the Kick Start section of the DVD where I'm beginning to kick myself for starting it. However it was fun and will certainly help whittle away my middle not to mention get Mr. Wonderful all hot and sweaty (and he wasn't even exercising!) The music makes you want to move and it is something very different that I can do at home . The moves are really exaggerated so it's a good thing I can do this in the privacy of my home without having to send my exercise partners into therapy.

I lost another pound....what if it is water? It still counts and I'll take all the help I can get!

We are still planning our trip to Philadelphia and I'm planning on running (or maybe a slower amble) the steps made famous the Rocky films, leading up to the Philadelphia Museum of Art! Don't worry I'll have the EMS service nearby. It probably won't be as dramatic as it was in the movie but it will still be one small victory.

Daisy Dilemma: What do you see yourself doing that will really push you?

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Wednesday, July 02, 2008 

Exercising paying off....

OK, so I've been really diligent for one whole day!

I exercised with Leslie, and rode my exercise bike on the front porch while reading a delicious Southern Mystery. Looking at this cartoon I think I'm glad that my stationery bike doesn't give the population of New Hope a rear view look. I'm pretty sure my backside looks like two bowling balls colliding . In other words, it's not a pretty sight.

So far, I've been checking off my "To Do List" and feeling pretty good about myself. I lost 3 pounds since yesterday. I know, I know, you think it has to be water. Here's my thoughts on it, if you lose weight it's fat.....If you gain it, it's water! That's my story and I'm sticking to it. I'm hoping to lose 10 pounds in the next 3 weeks. Thanks for the "WaaaHooo's" I was surprised and delighted to know that there are people out there in blogland that actually read these posts.

I've got to get up and get going. I've set the timer for an hour and every time it rings I've got to get up and complete another task on my ever growing "TO Do" list. Yesterday I cut up a watermelon into chunks that are perfect for snacking. Did you know you can eat a whole cup for 45 calories? I'm soooo in love with this delicious treat.

Daisy Dilemma: Do you think you can dance for exercise? I just ordered Core rhythms for something new to add to my exercise routine. I'll let you know if it works.


Tuesday, July 01, 2008 

Still casting a wide shadow....

Yep, that's my shadow.....maybe I should hire myself out for shade at picnics. I've only lost 6 pounds in the last 2 months. I see the surgeon on July 18th so I'm really trying hard to lose another 10 pounds in the next three weeks.

We spent the last two months traveling, visiting, eating out, eating too much, making lots of desserts, eating fast food and not paying much attention to what I've been eating .

That all changes today. I'm really being very diligent and stepping up my exercise level too.

I have made some observations about myself that I seem to forget frequently so I'm listing them here just in case I'm with you should one of these foods pop up .

Notes to Myself:

1. No matter how good it smells, and no matter if it's slathered in cheese and Mr. Wonderful eats them everyday ......YOU DON'T LIKE MARIE CALLENDAR'S POT PIES. (They are too salty for your taste).

2. YOU DON'T LIKE FAKE MASHED POTATOES....which is the main ingredient in KFC's Famous Chicken bowls. Are you crazy?....Fried Anything will kick your butt.

3. A Grilled Chick-fil-a (without Cheese) and fruit salad (instead of French fries ) is only 350 calories and much better for you.

4. Dairy Queen Moo-lattes are heavenly but the small drink also contains 570 calories!

5. A DQ Chicken Finger Basket is too much food and you will be tempted to eat it too leads to chocking and horrible sensations. STAY AWAY FROM IT. Try the chicken finger wrap with ranch dressing (trust me on this you'll thank me later.)

I blew the dust off my Walk Away the Pounds Video and actually did the 1 mile walk this morning. If you are reading this leave me a Waaa HOO !

Daisy Dilemma: How do you get yourself motivated when you've taken a very long detour?


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