Friday, November 21, 2008 

All that and Chocolate Cake too!

What cool candles.....spiral ones! Who knew that
there would be a chocolate cake in my future?
Yes, it is a well documented fact that I love cake!
I settled for half a brownie for lunch thinking that it would be my birthday dessert.

I was waiting all day for Melli to come.....I even woke up several times during the night cause I was so excited about her arrival. When she called at 11 a.m. my first question was...."Why aren't you in my drive way?" (not that I'm demanding or excited).

I would love to tell you that I didn't overeat at all...but it wouldn't be true. However, there is only so much over eating I can do now days. I probably didn't make the best choices but I figured that my birthday only happens once a year. Red Lobster was divine! Charlie and I shared a meal and the appetizers were yummy!

I've decided that friendship is so much better than anything on a plate. Thanks Melli for coming to see me and making my birthday really special.

Daisy dilemma: Do you like to be surprised or would you rather relish the anticipation of an event?


Tuesday, November 18, 2008 

Count down to my birthday.....

Yahoo! Avatars

This is actually starting to look like me. I like that there is a plus size avatar and one with gray hair too. We had a skiff of snow on the car this morning as we headed out to the mission. My office is not heated other than a plug in heater so I'm actually looking more like "the abdominal" snowman with lots of layers and a hat on.

My birthday is tomorrow. I got a poster with lots of cute Oscar pictures from Suzy. It says Diva's Little Man. I have it up on my bulletin board at work with all my other pictures. I should put up a sign that says "Ask me about my grand babies!" But then again with all my gallery of pictures it probably already says that without the actual words.

Not much going on here today. My cooking episode was a great success. I may have to try that again next week.

Daisy Dilemma: What do you do when you don't have the technical ability to use what you want for your birthday?


Monday, November 17, 2008 

Still wishing.....

I saw this over at Sandy's and wondered if this is what my cats go through. Probably not since Charlie is the one that usually feeds them in the morning.

I keep waiting for my rear to fall off. My sister lost her butt really quickly.....I keep wondering if I'll wake me up one day and my pants will fall down as I won't have hips to hold them up.

Right now it seems to be just wishful thinking

I started exercising again.....I walked two miles with Leslie. I was impressed how much easier it was to walk and exercise now than it used to be.

Today was spent cooking. I made a weeks worth of food so at least I know what I can eat and it's pre-made.

Charlie got me a 4 inch cake for my birthday. I already ate was good. So much for my cake obsession till next year.

Daisy Dilemna: Do you have a food you obcess about?


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