Friday, August 31, 2007 


We leave for Canada on Tuesday . I'm excited and terrified at the same time.

I always go through Seat Belt anxiety. Will it fit or will I need a seat belt extender? It's always an anxious moment for me.

I also had a heart to heart with Mr. Wonderful about running through the airport. Seems like we always have to make quick changes in the terminal and of course there is little time and lots of concourses between where we need to be. I've already told him I can not run, walk rapidly or do more than a slow amble so he needs to call for a tram if there is a long distance or short timing. I figured if he knows now it won't be such a big deal at the airport.

I'm in a packing mode now. So I'll think about this tomorrow.


Thursday, August 30, 2007 

What a difference a day makes!

My knee is much better today. I've been icing it down two to three times a day.

The swelling is definitely better and I lost four pounds of fluid.

There is still more swelling in my foot and knee but it is easier to move the joint today. So I am doing a one legged happy dance!

I'm hoping it will continue to improve but if not , I'll be alright with it. Sorry for the pity party yesterday but some days are easier to cope than others.

I'm looking forward to seeing my Emma in Canada.....that will certainly lift my spirit and put a spring in my step.


Wednesday, August 29, 2007 

How bout a little cheese with that whine?

Just got back from PT and the first thing my therapist wanted to know was why was I limping? Yes, it is a temporary set back but he suggested I ice it down at home two or three times a day since it is still hot and still has inflammation in the joint.

He still made me jump through all the hoops and do all the exercises though. He asked me to keep track of my blood pressure every morning and note how much swelling is in my feet and knee.

He took over the drill Sargent role and basically told me to snap out of it. Set backs happen and you have to be prepared for them and work through them. He gave me all kinds of lovely platitudes which I already knew but hey he is cute and I do respect his opinion.

He also added one more day of therapy this week since I will be gone two weeks to Canada.

Some how graduation seems further away today.

Daisy Dilemma: What do you do when your patience is in short supply?



Excuse Me while I whine!

OK, time to take off the kid gloves and do some serious whining!

Life has taken the wind out of my sails this I'm paddling a lot right now. It seems like I'm going through some rough waters . I know Melli's first response is to jump out of the boat and do some water walking with Jesus.

Sounds great, but right now the only thing I can jump at our conclusions.

"Those who wait on the Lord will renew their strength. They shall mount up on wings as eagles. They shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint." I'm spending my time trying to walk and not faint....but even that's not easy.

The last few days my knee has decided not to work. It's swollen, stiff, and aches with every step. My first thought is to think that arthritis has taken the place of injury and the additional rain is making my knee turn into a weather man.

I tried to do the one mile walk with Leslie Sansone in my living room this morning. I managed with sheer determination and will power to do a half mile and finished up the tape on the exercise bike. Right now my knee is screaming at me and not using very nice language.

My weight hasn't gone down but I'm hoping its due to the excess fluid in my knee and foot. Even so with all this effort I'm the kind of girl that thinks that there should be some kind of visible improvement. Where's the pay off?

I'm whining over here because heaven knows most of my friends have gone through so much more and I know I should just shut up and keep on going. But some times it just get tough and you need some where to vent.

whiny Baby Daisy: Boo Hoo, this is so not fair!

Drill Sargent Daisy: Just get over yourself. Who ever say life is fair?

whiny Baby Daisy: I want my knee back.....I want to be able to jump up and walk away without any pain or stiffness. I want to walk like a normal person instead of like Chester on Gunsmoke!

Drill Sargent Daisy: Be happy you can walk at all and aren't permanently in a wheel chair.

Well, you get the picture. I'm not an upsy daisy today. I've got physical therapy today so I'll see what they think.

Daisy Dilemma: How do you kick your own butt when your knee won't cooperate?


Thursday, August 16, 2007 

You know you are a slave to your scale .....

I admit to being obsessive compulsive when it comes to weighing and diets. I know deep in my heart of hearts that weighing myself every day is not a good thing. Why should I allow a piece of metal determine my self worth?

I tell myself I do it so I can catch any slip up right away. That it will stop me from destructive behavior.

But as soon as I step on the scale the destructive behavior begins.

If the scale is up.....I'm down.
If the scale in down....I'm up.

Sad.....but true. It's almost like a crystal ball...." Tell me , am I allowed to like myself today?"

Whatever the number, my reaction is often to eat-to celebrate if the news is good and to comfort myself if the news is bad. Whenever I step on the scale, I give my power away. I'm either Rocky on a victory lap or a beached whale trapped on a sand bar.

I know that weighing myself on a daily basis is a form of insanity. I already know what I ate or didn't eat, whether I exercised or indulged in chocolate cake. I know if my jeans are snugger than they were or exactly the same as last week. So why do I go through this ritual dance of stepping on the scale and praying to the god of gravity to make the number less?

Every day I have the power to decide how I feel and how I choose to spend my day- I am allowed to like myself today. I belong experience love, joy, peace, health and connection to people I love. Allow yourself to know what you already know!

Daisy Dilemma: If I know this....why don't I do it?


Tuesday, August 14, 2007 

Birthday Cookies.....

Yep, they looked that big! They kept screaming at me....."Eat ME"

Last night Mr. Wonderful and I baked birthday cookies for Baby Girl and Boy Wonder. They were Oatmeal Scotchies with butterscotch chips.

Mr. Wonderful threw himself on the sword and ate several just for "Quality Control". After all he reasoned, "What would happen if they didn't taste good? Not only would the children be disappointed but my reputation as the world's greatest cookie baker would be in serious dispute!"

You'll be happy to know that my reputation is still intact. I have several batches of chocolate chip cookies to make this weekend to deliver to the local fire departments. It was actually fun making cookies with Mr. Wonderful so guess I'll wait to bake them Friday night when my "Cookie monster" is home.

We boxed up the cookies last night after they cooled and they are already on their way to New York. No.....I didn't eat any of them, I didn't even lick my fingers!

Daisy Dilemma: Shouldn't the Diet Fairy give me an extra credit pound for not indulging?


Monday, August 13, 2007 

Side effects of Alli

I've been asked about the treatment effects of this product and yes there are definitely some.

What I like about this product is that the medication works in the digestive system so doesn't cause sleeplessness, jitters or increased heart rate like some appetite suppressants.

Since the product prevents some of the fat you eat from being adsorbed it removes the undigested fat through your bowels. This can happen within 48 hours of eating a meal. If the meal contained more than 30 percent fat the following my occur and Yes....I've had all of them!
  • Gas with oily spotting
  • loose stools
  • more frequent stools that may be hard to control
This is my second week of the program so I'm hoping it will be less as my system adjusts. I will tell you that when the urge hits you it requires immediate obedience! I have been wearing a panty liner (just in case) if I'm out and about.

So far it has been effective and easy to use so I'm sticking with it.

Daisy Dilemma: Are the treatment effects worth the high fat treat?



Monday Morning Quarterback.....

My dad always called people who looked over other people's work and criticized it as "Monday Morning Quarterbacks".

It's Monday and the start of Week Two
in my quest to lose 17 pounds by September 4th.

Week 1: Lost 4 pounds
Goal for this week: 3 pounds

Pounds to lose to reach goal: 13 pounds

So here's my analysis of what I did right last week:

1. I started over again. I became much more aware of what I put in my mouth.
2. I enlisted the help of Mr. Wonderful and stopped buying "problem" food.
3. I bought Alli and started using it with a low fat, 1800 calorie diet.
4. I ate lots of fruits and vegetables, fish, salads and recorded everything I ate.
5. I drank a full glass of water before I ate my meals.

What I will continue to do this week:

1. Continue to plan my meals and eat at home this week.
2. Plan snacks and have appropriate food available.
3. Try to increase my exercise level depending on what my knee will allow.
4. Keep focused, blog more, keep out of the kitchen, keep prayed up.
5. Put a picture of a seat belt on the refrigerator.

What I won't do this week:

I won't weigh myself everyday (but it will be really hard not to!!)
2. Get discouraged.
3. Compare myself to anyone else.
4. Bake cookies for Boy Wonder's birthday without Mr. Wonderful being in the kitchen with me.
5. Eat bread, or birthday cookies.

Daisy Dilemma: Why is it that when you are stressed out that a grapefruit just won't cut it ?


Sunday, August 12, 2007 

Sunday Reflections....

Wow....I just discovered how good fresh fruit can taste when it's not competing with sugary sweets.

I lost 4 pounds this week ! I'm at 263....only 13 pounds from my goal and four weeks to go so I need to lose about 3 pounds a week.

I've also discovered that if I don't eat bread, pies, cakes, etc. I don't miss them....but I already know I don't do moderation well either.

I guess I'm just a radical kind of girl! I've been considering some radical solutions too so I'm really hoping this will work for me.

Praising the Lord for the good start, digging in to continue the good fight.


Saturday, August 11, 2007 

Vision Casting.....

Today is Saturday and time for a little vision casting.

What would I like to do when I lose this weight?

Here's me and Mr. Wonderful walking along on a beautiful path going anywhere. I want to be healthy enough to be able to take on any path in life, whether it's uphill, downhill or a wide lovely walkway.

We both work hard physically. I would be nice to take a vacation and go somewhere on an adventure. We don't make enough time for each other and that needs to change.

Some times accidents can be a good that it forces you to change your life, your way of thinking and to value what you have.

Daisy Dilemma: Would Mr. Wonderful even be able to get his arm around my waist?


Friday, August 10, 2007 

Tour de France....not

Today I asked Mr. Wonderful to bring my Schwinn Exercise Bike inside. It has been on my front porch and in cooler days I like to ride while catching the breeze and the activities of the neighborhood.

This last week has been the hottest week of the summer so I decided I would probably get more use of it in the living room. I haven't been able to make full rotation so was greatly pleased to be able to coax the knee into action. It takes a few minutes of pedaling back and forth before I can finally nudge it over the top. By the end of 10 minutes I'm queen of imaginary road.

We have many bikers in our community and one day I plan on taking on the rolling hills myself. But for today I'm pleased to be able to climb aboard (look Melli...I'm climbing) and pedal my way to oblivion.

Daisy Dilemma: Should I break out the yellow jersey yet? Maybe I'll settle for the one legged happy dance.


Thursday, August 09, 2007 

Apple peeling

I've been eating apples lately .....I find them appealing! Maybe it's because I'm apple shaped, or because they have lots of fiber and are filling.

We cleaned out all the junk food that jumps out at me yelling, "Eat me, eat Me!"

Mr. Wonderful is finding out that a couple of apples in the late afternoon take away the hungries or need for more caffeine.

The scale is starting to make movements in the right direction. I'm eating lots of tuna, fruit and fresh veggies from the garden. So far, this hasn't been as hard as I thought it would be.


Wednesday, August 08, 2007 

Will Alli become my Ally?

Ok, call me gullible, suggestible, naive, or just plain stupid. But... This girls needs some help so I'm trying it. I don't expect overnight results (but I wouldn't be disappointed!).

The literature that comes with the starter kit says:

"The Alli Weight Loss Program follows sound diet principles-but with a difference. In combination with a reduced calorie, low-fat diet, the Alli capsules work in your digestive system to keep some of the fat you consume from being absorbed. That means you get better results than with dieting alone-50 percent or more based on clinical research. If you would lose 10 pounds through diet alone, you can lose 15 pounds or more working with the Alli Program. And because the Alli capsules work safely in your digestive system, they don't affect your heart or head like other remedies or medicines can."

I've been a head case for a long time now....I can't take most medications because it interferes with my high blood pressure medication . I don't like feeling jittery or nervous....but I am desperate to get rid of this fat. So far, so good! I'm having a hard time not jumping on the scale every time I go to bathroom. (Just call me OCD!)

Daisy Dilemma: Will this be the break through I'm hoping for.


Tuesday, August 07, 2007 

I'm putting on my Big Girl Panties.....

Well not that big....Praise the Lord! But I am eating sensibly (1800 calories) drinking a glass of water before I eat and eating three apples a day. I was encouraged by these words from the

It's not unusual to occasionally lose track of your weight-loss program and slip back into old patterns of unhealthy eating and minimal exercise. In fact, you can expect it to happen and have a plan in place to recover when it does. It takes time and regular reinforcement for your new healthy behaviors to become habits.

Use these tips to help you deal with occasional weight-loss setbacks:

  • Take charge. Accept responsibility for your own behavior. Remember that ultimately only you can help yourself lose weight.
  • Avoid risky situations. If all-you-can-eat buffets are just too much temptation, avoid them, at least until you feel more in control of your new eating behavior.
  • Buy time. If you're tempted to indulge in an old favorite food, first ask yourself if you're really hungry. Chances are, it's a craving and you may talk yourself out of it. If not, wait a few minutes and see if the desire passes. Or try distracting yourself from your urge to eat — call a friend or take the dog for a walk. If the craving still doesn't pass, have a glass of water or a piece of fruit instead.
  • Be gentle with yourself. Practice self-forgiveness. Don't let negative self-talk — "I've blown it now!" — get in your way of getting back on track with your eating and exercise goals. Try not to think of your slip-up as a catastrophe. Remember that mistakes happen and that each day is a chance to start anew.
  • Ask for and accept help. Accepting help from others isn't a sign of weakness, nor does it mean that you're failing. Asking for help is a sign of good judgment, not weakness. You need support from others to keep you on track when you have difficult days.
  • Work out your guilt and frustration with exercise. Take a walk or go for a swim. But keep your exercise and activity upbeat. Never use it as punishment for a lapse.
  • Plan your strategy. Clearly identify the problem, and then create a list of possible solutions. Try a solution. If it works, you've got a strategy for preventing another lapse. If it doesn't, try the next solution and keep trying until you find one that works.
  • Recommit to your goals. Review your weight-loss goals and make certain they're still realistic. Remember, healthy weight loss comes slowly — 1 or 2 pounds a week.

What if you do experience a weight-loss setback? Although relapses are disappointing, they can help you learn to keep your goals realistic, what high-risk situations to avoid, or that certain strategies don't work for you.

Above all, realize that you're not a failure. Reverting to old behaviors doesn't mean that all hope is lost. It just means that you need to recharge your motivation, recommit to your program and return to healthy behaviors.

Daisy Dilemma: This time for sure! (said with crossed fingers and a prayer in my heart and on my, really it just looks like chocolate's actually a new lipstick I'm trying.)


Monday, August 06, 2007 

The great blog disappearing act.....

Yes, I realize that my last post was on how to lose 200 pounds in one weekend and I am sure that many of you must have decided that I had perfected the technique and was now doing infomercials and making millions on a sure fire weight loss technique.

Alas, that is not the truth. Not only did I not get rid of all of my clutter I picked up a whole lot of extra baggage along the weigh. May 19th, I was hit by an 83 year old woman driving a 6,000 pound Buick while walking in the parking lot of a landscaping store. I guess it was a good thing that I am built like a tank because the impact of her car made me airborne over the hood of her car and crashed landing on my hands and knees out of the weigh.

My left knee took most of the impact and now after surgery and rehab I'm limbing along both diet wise and physically.

There were some advantages of being limited in mobility.
  1. It takes much more effort to get to the kitchen and by the time you get there you are not hungry anymore.
  2. Mr. Wonderful did most of the cooking....lots of Lean Cuisines that you can pop into the microwave.
  3. No late night snacking now (as the sound of the crutches wakes up the whole household!)
  4. No guilt about not going to Curves ( suspended till I am medically released).
  5. Snacks have to be small and portable to be carried while using crutches.
  6. My upper body strength increased from dragging my lower body around on crutches....any takers for arm wrestling?
  7. I'm burning more calories because it takes much greater effort to do absolutely everything.
  8. I discovered what great things knees are.....and now being able to ride an exercise bike is a thrill (similar to riding in the Tour de France!)
  9. I discovered you cannot walk a crying baby on crutches (so I only got her when she was happy and cute!....hey, there should be some advantages for being mobily challenged!)
  10. I get a 10 minute head start now if we are planning on going anywhere .
Having said all that.....I also decided that my joints needed a break and I need to lose some serious weight to help them out. So I'm throwing my hat back in the ring....and starting over again.

I actually managed to lose some weight from refraining from grazing so I'm starting out better than usual. My starting weight today is 267.....I'd like to be 250 by September 4th when we fly off to Canada to see my grand baby. ( I'd also like to be blonde and 6'2 but doubt if that will happen by then either!)

Daisy Dilemma: Why does life have to be so hard at times?


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