Monday, October 02, 2006 

Week four....Weigh In

The picture on left pretty well describes it!

No Gains, No Losses, Many Trials, Numerous Errors and No Men Left on Base!

This is the time that I normally feel like Kevin....."Home Alone!"

Usually at this time I throw in the towel and quit or go into Over Kill and do something really radical that throws off my equalibrium and sends me into a downward spiral. (Hmmm....can you say Self Destructive!)

Today I was studying the life of David and wouldn't you know it....The lesson's name was "A Case of Overkill". The author states that circumstances can sometimes leave us with feelings of powerlessness and that we can not trust our feelings. We can trust God though and God is never taken by surprise. He knows our battles and knows our needs long before we can express them clearly.

I was encouraged today by Galatians :9"Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up."

Having just processed a bumper crop of vegetables and fruit (from months of tending the garden) I can hold on to that promise.

5 Things I Did Wrong:

1. I allow fatique to discourage me.....I reverted back to old unhealthy ways cause it was easy and comfortable.

2. I physically over stressed my body because of time restraints set by others that I had no control over. Instead of saying no.....I overmedicated my resentment with comfort food.

3. I abandoned regular exercise because I was overly tired and cross.

4. I didn't get the proper rest I needed.....I just kept pushing....hoping for a second wind.

5. I acted as if everything depended on me when in fact the only thing I could control (my response) was the one thing I didn't control at all.

5 Things I plan to change this week:

I committed my week to the Lord and gave up any pretense of control.

2. I'm going into work later so I can get 30 minutes of cardio in and have my Bible Study without feeling rushed.

3. I am committed to eating breakfast and planning my meals.

4. I've got a new attitude! I gave up the "poor me, stinkin thinking" victim mentality.

5. I've decided to live purposefully and with appreciation.

Daisy Dilemma: Why am I such a slow learner? Why do I have to keep relearning the same lesson?

Quote of the Day: "Hurt people, hurt people."

Mood: Preparing for battle

One thing you can be proud of is that you are not giving up. For three weeks I was stuck at the same weight, but I didn't give up and eventually some weight came off. I am proud of not giving up, in the past I would have.

Your plans for the week sounds good.

Oh Daisy... it's NOT that you have to keep LEARNING the same lessons over and over... it's just that you have to keep PRACTICING the same lessons over and over! You KNOW what you're supposed to do! It just takes practice, practice, and MORE practice to make it the new habit! You'll get it sweety! And... YOU DIDN'T GAIN! You maintained! That's not so bad! It IS frustrating... I admit that! I'm frustrated every single time I don't lose -- even when I KNOW I did not eat well. You just have to "drop it" ... look past it to the NEXT weigh-in, and DON'T do anything drastic! Just do what you know you have to do! :) You've got a great plan! Make it sticky!

OH, Daisy, don't give up. You are my inspiration. I do like, though, how you are keying in on what went wrong, and how you will change it. Food for thought, and something I will lock away for reference. I am going to need it!

As you know I am stuck has been about 3 months now but I am not giving up. I am going to stick to it just like you are doing. You have to do that!! You CANNOT give up!! You know EVEN if you think about giving up then the devil is standing behind you just laughing it up!! RIGHT!!
Don't do it!!
Great talking to you today...Sandy

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