Wednesday, January 24, 2007 

Lets Hear it for Leslie!

According to a news article I just read in First magazine (Feb.12, 2007 edition)

"Your busy day can help you shed 18% more fat.

Breaking up your walk into three 10 minute bursts will help you lose 18 % more weight (including 55% more belly fat) than a single 30 minute session, according to a study in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. The reason: The body takes longer to recover from a brisk burst, so calories are burned for a longer period of time."

Hmmm....did Leslie have it right all along? Her newest DVD divides the sections into one mile increments that last about 10 minutes each. It starts out hard and fast and builds. I'm going to start taking it with me to work and take some 10 minute walk breaks in the meeting room where there is a DVD player.

Daisy Flashing News Break: I do not like to exercise, I probably never will like to exercise,
but I am doing it. I refer to it as Physical Therapy as I see it as a necessary evil. The word Curves reminds me of overly perky people that could easily be running for office.

I did manage to lose a pound and half this week (miracle of miracles). I tend to weigh daily just because I'm obcessive complusive about the scales and consequently my mood changes with whatever they say. I am trying to weigh once a week as Calorie King looks over my food diary and evaluates the week. It's a great service and they do have some really good receipes.

I haven't changed the weight on my slider because I'm totally inept at such things plus it would break my heart to see it move the wrong direction. So consequently I look at it and say....ok, 6 more pounds to reach where I was.

If that seems like I'm doing the "back stroke" so be it! I will not let my past preformances dictate my future.

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YAY YOU!!! YAAAAAAAAAAY YOU!!! A loss IN SPITE of bad eating! That's GOOD! Annnnnd thank you sO much for the Leslie tip! I'm going to get that DVD too -- and take it to school with me! I can do that during my planning and lunch periods! YAY! Whoooo hooo! YOU GO GIRL! I am LOVING your new attitude!

Been awhile since you've been in here... when do you do your weigh and measure day? I'm EXCITED!!!

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