Tuesday, January 02, 2007 

New Year, New Commitment

Hello 2007!

I got my wake up call this morning when I stepped on the scale.....if it could have talked I'm sure it would have said, "Please, one at a time!"

My weight is up by 12 pounds. I was shocked and horrified at the number but at least it's a starting point.

I did some very positive things today. I blew the dust off the "Walk away the Pounds" video and walked with Leslie. I made good food choices, I had a good Bible Study and prayer time and made some resolutions.

I'm horrible about not following through so I called my friend and neighbor to be my accountability partner. I drew up the following contract that we both signed and both of us have a copy.

Daisy's 2007 Resolutions:

With God’s help and some butt kicking from Beckie Fitzgerald I want to be below 200 pounds by 2008.

In order to accomplish this goal I resolve to:

1. Walk 30 minutes every day.

2. Eat sensibly, watching portions, make wise food choices.

3. I will record my BP, pulse, exercise of the day, food consumed, vitamins and supplements as well as what God is teaching me daily.

4. I will confront bad choices by repeating the mantra”

“At the next available moment, make an authorised You-Turn.

5. I will look into joining Curves for a 2 month trial period.

6. I will keep healthy snacks available in the refrig at all times.

7. I will pray every day and read my Bible.

8. I will join the Daniel Community Bible Study.

9. I will keep a positive attitude.

10. I will reward myself with non-food treats.

So there they are! All of them doable and my friend and neighbor won't let me get away with anything......I told her she can ask me about any of these any time and even ask "Did you lie about any of the above!"


You can also stop by Pounds2Go if it motivates you - I think there are just going to be a couple of us this year, but that's okay.

I posted my grocery list over there. I started again on December 31st, and so far, so good.

Try downloading calorieking.com diet diary. It's a few dollars, but the program has a ton of features and it will help you journal better and reach your personal budgets for calories and exercise.


Yes, yes, YES!!! This is excellent! And I'm going to join the Beckie Brigade! And between the THREE of us we oughta be able to DO it! But YOU have to do the MOST! And you CAN do it!!! YAY! YAY! Hip hip HOOOOORAY!!!

( I still need to get ON the scale -- hoping tomorrow to make it to the doc's scale! Well... not really HOPING ... but it must be done! )

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