Sunday, January 07, 2007 

Sunday Reflections....

Ahhh, Sunday afternoon.....relaxing and a treat for the weary spirit to catch up with the rest of the body. Also a time of reflection over the past week and a time of evaluation.

Day 6 of New Start: Church and Brunch ( my favorite breakfast with my favorite guy) . We had vegetable egg beaters with cheese and side dish of strawberries and bananas! The scale shows 5 pounds less of me (however I still am making up lost ground).

What I've done right so far:

1. I've walked two miles in my living room every day with Leslie Sansone. (30 minutes)
2. I joined Calorie King and have been electronically recording what I've eaten and my exercise.
3. I've made good food choices and stayed withing my calorie level (I'm actually eating more calories than I usually do!)
4. I have kept a positive attitude all week (ok, I may have had a anxious moment or two but I still pressed on to do the right will take awhile to replace old tapes that keep playing in my head.)
5. I enlisted a prayer partner/ accountability partner that is not afraid to (kick my Christian love of course!)

What I will do differently this coming week:

1. I will actually make it to Curves this week.
2. I will start the community Bible Study this week.
3. I will will walk every day this week and will try to sneak in the 3 mile walk at least once.
4. I will continue to make good food choices and record them. (Even though I'm going home and will be traveling to Savannah ) .
5. I will keep healthy snacks available to snack on.
6. I will continue to replace "stinkin thinking" with positive self talk (This one is huge people!)

Daisy Dilemma: Why do I keep focusing on my old self image instead of moving on to who I am becoming?

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Because it's very hard to accept that new self image without visuals! Might I encourage you to PLEEEEEASE take some GOOD "Before" pictures... so that you will be able to SEE how much weight has come off and notice a real difference in yourself! If I didn't have the pictures every 25 pounds or so I would STILL be looking in the mirror and thinking I was just as fat as I used to be! I wouldn't be able to give myself credit for how far I HAVE come. Because after being HERE for awhile, I still look in the mirror and see FAT! So then I can run look at those pictures and say "But not AS FAT!" Very important tool!!! Please do it! Take front and side views -- and always take them the same way! (some people do a back view too -- I actually wish I HAD done that but I didn't do it from the start so I just never have. I may START from here though anyway...)

And oh yea... You're doing GREAT!!!! I am SO proud!!!

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