Tuesday, January 23, 2007 

Beats Me?

Well Dahlings.....It's been quite a week.

I have a new granddaughter and so my heart, head and thoughts have been in Canada this week.

I've not given up but I seem to be all over the scale, and off the scale emotionally!

I started off up by 12 pounds.....boo hiss (hitting self in the head!)

First week.... became obcessive compulsive about everything and I lost 8 pounds ( happy dance, happy dance)

Joined Curves and got irritated at all happy, perky people! boo hiss!

Went home to celebrate Mom's 80th birthday got hit with tons of food, and family drama trauma..... drat that emotional eating.

Went to Savannah.....had a great time with Floozie and old friends, went to Curves, went out to eat ....ate more than I should have...(what else is new?) gained 4 pounds

This week's weigh in is tomorrow and unless I lose a major body part over night, it's not looking good for this week either.

Daisy Dilemma: I'm keeping a food diary, going to physical therapy 3 times a week, walking with Leslie....so what else is there?


How often are you weighing in at CURVES? I do not understand why you are weighing in tomorrow already? I weigh once a month and THAT IS IT!! Only once a month...Also what is this with physical therapy??/ What is wrong? are you okay? I did not know you were going there!!! Just try not to think about it so much...Sandy

Well... I caught on that physical therapy IS Curves! And you just keep on going! Weighing once a month at Curves is fine -- but I know that you need to keep closer tabs than that -- so weighing once a week at home is fine. DO NOT WEIGH EVERYDAY!!! You will drive yourself nutso! Body weight does fluctuate. BOTH of us need to get settled into a good routine, and quit having "celebrations" ... because it's very hard to say no to food at those times. But hopefully now you are going to be home for awhile and you will settle in to your routine. Once I get past Mathew's birthday on Thursday I should be able to get a few good weeks in too before something else comes up! It IS a never ending battle Daisy ... truly! But as long as you are exercising regularly and eating right 95% of the time, you WILL take off pounds! I'm betting the scale will be down this week. Because even if you were bad a time or two, you've added in a lot of exercise that you didn't used to get. BUT... if you do happen to go up a bit -- just put last week behind you, and make a fresh start! Last week is old news! THIS week counts!

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