Wednesday, January 03, 2007 

All aboard for Thin City!

Christmas and New Years have blessed me with a gain of 12 pounds. I feel like Homer Simpson in that I should be hitting myself in the head saying “Dough” (Yes, I’m sure it was bread or carbs or sweets that did me in!)

However, I’m taking the advice of the authors of “you on a diet” suggest and instead of beating myself up and throwing myself into the live volcano of Chocolate, I’m reapeating the diet mantra. “At the next available moment, make an authorized You Turn.” Get back on the right road now. This mantra helps by reminding me to be confident and positive and not to quit because of taking the wrong turn.

The illistration is of a GPS satelite navagation system. It gives you directions but if you miss a turn or turn onto the wrong street it doesn’t berate you or scold you by telling you that you might as well drive off a cliff. Instead all it says, very politely, is this, “At the next available moment, make an authorized U-turn.”

I’m all for directions, accountability, and cheer leading. Thin City is the destination and I’m all for traveling together. I need all the help I can get. Thanks for taking the trip with me.

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Yea... hehehe ... I like that! Authorized YOU turn.... hehehe... I'm turnin' too! Oh yes... I'm quite certain I gained MORE than I wanted to ... well, duh! I didn't WANT to gain ANY! Yea.... tomorrow... check the damage and make the turn!

We all have to make U turns in life!! I am still trying and you have to keep trying too. But you know we all we be here right with you.


Soooooo... I've been to Curves and worked out, and I had a bagel for breakfast, and a salad for lunch, and I'm getting ready to put groceries away and then get on my bike and pedal my hiney off! So what are YOU doing today? HUH?

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