Thursday, January 04, 2007 

One foot in front of the other.....

Day three of New Start.....

So far so good. (But then I always start off's just that dratted middle part that trips me up!)

So far I've walked my 30 minutes every day, made good food choices, stayed within my calorie restrictions, joined Calorie King (sort of like an on line weight watchers but for only 45 dollars a year rather than 260 dollars!) and recorded everything I've eaten.

I found out too late that the first Bible Study was today (found out after it ended) but have made arrangements to pick up the book so I won't be behind in the study.

I'm staying positive and plan to check out Curves tomorrow morning. My accountability partner is going with me ( otherwise she thinks I'll procrastinate....sheesh does she know me or what?) and afterwards we are picking up a friend of ours that is having a very hard time for a girls days out.

The scale showed 3 pounds less of that made me smile.

Had a "God momment" yesterday afternoon that blessed me down to my toes.....not to mention hiked up my accountability 1000 % ( Talk about preformance anxiety!) Thanks to the special some one in my life that doesn't mind slapping me on the back, across the face (just to get my attention?) or on the butt to get me going.

I am indeed most blessed!

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Ohhhhhhhhh GOOD! You are doing splendid darlin! Now... when you start at Curves, that does NOT mean you get to stop walking! Because WALKING is the cardio part of your exercise plan! YAY YOU! YAY DAISY! You are maaaaaaahvelous! *mwah!*

Day 5 ~ keep it up. You are on the way to success.



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