Tuesday, January 09, 2007 

Starting my second week

And the smelly sneaker award goes to......Me!!!

OK, one week down and 8 pounds gone of the 12 I gained so I'm still in the red.

Yesterday was an eventful day for me.

Leslie and I did our second 3 mile advanced walk( one with weights and one with the stretch band) and I lived through the experience. (Not enough to try the 5 mile walk yet!) I definitely sweated and was tired afterwards and I'm still waiting on the endorphins to kick in!

Would love to tell you that I'm really pumped about exercising but Momma taught me not to lie!

The Mellster insisted that I take pictures of my "Fluffy" self as motivation. The only motivation I see from those pictures is that they defitinely takes away your appetite! Groan, now I know why I avoid mirrors!

I had a wisdom tooth removed yesterday so I'm not eating much as it is still tender. I only have two left so can't use that as motivation very often!

I did go by Curves yesterday (after my traumatic dental experience) and did get the hours they are opened and information. Good News: I was misinformed at the cost....it is 29 dollars a month! (Thank you Jesus!) and not 60 dollars like I was initally told.

I'm trying to gather motivation to go this morning.......I'll take a pain killer so maybe I won't remember the trauma! Yes, I know I'm a drama queen...deal with it!

I went to my first community Bible Study on Daniel last night. It looks like a terrific study even though I have to get a weeks worth of lessons done by Thursday morning so I won't be behind.

Well it looks like my morning is pretty well scheduled and I need to be at work by noon. Time to grab breakfast and get started.

Daisy Dilemma: Does anyone really enjoy exercise and look forward to it?

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LOL! Yea... some people really DO enjoy exercise -- but they call it SPORTS! Running and playing and tossing and jumping and having FUN! Working out is ... WORK! (thus the WORKing out) But... when you WORK out you work OUT the kinks and knots... you work OUT aches and pains... you work OUT a LOT of depression... there's just sO much that goes away -- BESIDES pounds and inches! You're gonna see! You're GONNA get feeling better -- even if you NEVER get an endorphin rush - you WILL feel better! And I KNOW you have MY Coach workin' with ya! So... with that said... you can't go wrong!

You know, I like exercise- when I get into it-- not to just be starting it though. I have to force myself, and the last couple days have been hard! I've not slept good for weeks, and the last 3 (since I've been exercising more) I've slept AWESOME. So my motivation to get up and lace tennis shoes is nill, cause my bed is sooooo comfy. :)

Anyhow-- look at you go! WAHOOO!

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