Friday, January 05, 2007 

Day 4....A Crazy Daisy day

Day 4 into New Start.

I live in a very small rural community. In our Post Office is a notice that reads "Weekly Exercise Class" from 8 to 9 a.m. Friday mornings at the Community Center. Free!

Mr. Wonderful decided that it might be lovely for me to meet the local ladies, develop friendships and become more entrenched into our community. So he has strongly encouraged me that "Free is better than cheap and that I should at least give it a try."

I am not an adventuresome person. I truly hate to do anything by myself. I agonize over anything new especially in a social setting. I'm usually fine once I get there but it takes great determination on my part to actually get into the car and show up. I am the procrastination queen. I can usually find 900 reasons why this isn't a good time to start something new. I'm usually very good at talking myself out of potentially difficult situations. Take a look inside my head:

Me: Ok, I need to get dressed and go to the community center. How Bad Can It Be?

Self: Hmmm....lets see, you'll be the fattest person in the room and probably the oldest too. I bet they will probably be doing step aerobics or grapevines all over the gym that you'll never be able to catch on. Do I really need this valley of humiliation?

Me: (starting to hyperventilate) I can do this! It will be alright. I can always just march in place if I can't get the step. After all this work out is for me, no one else. Nothing ventured , nothing gained.

Self: Who are you kidding? You don't know any one there, and have nothing in common with any of them. At least you will serve as a horrible example of what happens to a person who has no discipline. I bet they won't talk to you or even acknowledge your presence. Why not get another cup of coffee....we can walk with Leslie right here in our own living room in our jammies, beside it's cold and rainy out there and you might melt. Wait isn't that the telephone (saved by the bell!)

Me: It's my accountability partner....she asked why I haven't left's already after 8. (Gulp, I promised I'd give it a try so I've got to go.)

So with fear and trepidation I jump in the car and go to the community center. When I get there, there are two cars in the parking lot. No one is in the community center except for two volunteer firemen . If I had brought them cookies I'm sure they would have exercised with me but with a sigh of relief ( I did try!) I went home and walked two miles with Leslie in my living room.

Later I pick up my friend and accountability partner and we head out to meet a friend. We get side stepped at a local shop I've always wanted to go (it was fun and better than I ever dreamed) however by the time we arrive at Curves they are closed. Apparently they are open from 6am to 11am then open from 3:30 to 7 p.m. on Fridays.

Is God trying to tell me something?

At lunch I order a bagel with turkey, cheese and sundried tomatoes. It comes with chips, a dill pickel spear and a peppermint candy. Just before we dig in my friend and neighbor asks for an extra napkin and they next thing I know she's opened the napkin on the table and is taking all of my potatoe chips off my plate and looks at me with one chip in my hand and says, "Drop it, now" with all the authority of a Dirty Harry staring down a criminal.

What? " Come on, I'll count these calories, as a matter of fact I haven't been getting all my calories in " I protest.

"Drop it or lose it", she says again slowly beginning to stare me down.

She took my mint too!

Daisy Dilemma: When does friendship turn into a police state? Is this friendship or homeland security? Do I pose a security risk to myself?

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Whoever this FRIEND is tell her that I said HI and to keep up the GOOD work!! Sandy

High 5'n Beckie and runnin' over to tell her so!!!! WOOT! WOOT! Hallelujia! And the only thing God is trying to tell you about Curves is that you need to get there SOONER! MORNING is the best time to exercise! It increases your heart rate, and helps your muscles BURN more calories ALL DAY LONG!!! True story!

(goooooooo Beckie!!!)

After reading your dialogue to yourself and of thoughts of my own things I tell myself, we are our own worst enemies! But, we can change, and the positive self talk works wonders though that ugly talk can rear it's ugly head from time to time.
I like your quote about 'at the next moment, make a U-turn'. I'll think of that when I make a slip up in my diet.
Good luck to you this year, you can do this!

Yes she CAN Angelfish! And we ALL know it!


YOU CAN DO IT DAISY!!! What are friends for????

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