Friday, July 27, 2012 

day 6..go forth and conquer

Whew, I certainly hope that I am getting stronger especially with the boost to my confidence yesterday and the necessary tools to accomplish the task.  I got my hair cut last Sunday. (I always do before going on a major weight loss campaign....I guess I think a it will help change my perspective!

  My hair dresser said I had fine hair....I told her thank you very much, yours looks mighty fine too!  Apparently I have lots of it, it's just really skinny.  Isn't that amazing...something on me is finally skinny!!  Anyway she cut my hair in layers and it looks so much better.  (It looked like I had a dead spider on my head!)

So with tools in hand and a new duo I should be able to go forth and conquer right? This afternoon we leave for Virginia Beach to go visit my mom....(the enabler and pusher of all my favorite foods!)  Who would ever think that this sweet little gray hair great grandmother was a primary diet buster!  Who would think I have so little self control around her?  My wonderful mom believes that " nothing says something from the oven" and with her limited vision will make gluten free chocolate chip cookies and brownies for Mr. Wonderful.  If only I could keep my paws out of his stash !  It's always been a problem for me in the past but only because I've let it be.

So keep me prayed up, won't be posting till Sunday.  I"m on my weigh (to the valley of the shadow of death and  temptation!)

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