Wednesday, July 25, 2012 

Be angry and sin not

Things went well today with life, my diet, and the world until I got home and decided to make a really nice dinner for the Mr. and me.  Mr. Wonderful is a very focused and driven man.  He's truly wonderful in all situations , except, after 39 years of marriage he treats me like "one of the guys at work".

He had already decided to mow the grass as soon as he got home and hopped on the mower like a cowboy on a cattle drive.  I looked out of my window and thought, "Poor baby, I know I'll surprise him with a really great dinner."  I should emphasize that dieting always makes me very food conscious and a nice dinner was the supreme compliment I could give him.  So I made steamed yellow squash with onions, grilled a small lean steak , made a killer salad, and baked a sweet potato.  I had it timed to perfection and had it ready to plate when he came in from mowing the yard.  I sweetly told him that I had dinner ready.  He responded by going over to our neighbor's house to do a transaction and didn't come back for 45 minutes.

Well dear reader, I was really mad.  I waited for him about 15 minutes and finally decided to eat my meal as I was already angry at him and I like my food hot.  I am a slow eater so thought he would be coming back any time and would catch up.  When he finally showed up 45 minutes later he was focused on moving  the item he purchase and had trouble moving it.  It took him another 20 minutes before he finally came in to stay.

I am not a vengeful person but I was thinking of ways to make his dinner as unappealing as possible.  I thought about letting the cat eat it, spitting in it, putting some bitter tasting squash in his plate or just throwing the whole thing away.    One thing he promised me when we started this diet that we would eat together at the table and not while watching TV or being distracted by anything else.

I didn't sabotage his dinner only because I believe food is a sacred event and should be eaten with respect and love .  Fortunately for him my motives were pure when I made his dinner.  Did he know that I was mad? You bet, I'm not one to suffer in silence.  He apologized and told me he was just so focused on that event that he never thought about me, food, or timing.  I know that's true but this chick does not like to ignored or forgotten about totally.

Normally I would go drown my sorrows with a pint....of  Ben and Jerry's or call on my friend Little Debbie but not tonight.  I read a book, and wrote this blog post.  Now I'm trying to get over what's eating me before I turn to mood food.   Wish me luck I'm on my weigh to a better way of dealing with my frustrations.


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