Monday, August 13, 2007 

Monday Morning Quarterback.....

My dad always called people who looked over other people's work and criticized it as "Monday Morning Quarterbacks".

It's Monday and the start of Week Two
in my quest to lose 17 pounds by September 4th.

Week 1: Lost 4 pounds
Goal for this week: 3 pounds

Pounds to lose to reach goal: 13 pounds

So here's my analysis of what I did right last week:

1. I started over again. I became much more aware of what I put in my mouth.
2. I enlisted the help of Mr. Wonderful and stopped buying "problem" food.
3. I bought Alli and started using it with a low fat, 1800 calorie diet.
4. I ate lots of fruits and vegetables, fish, salads and recorded everything I ate.
5. I drank a full glass of water before I ate my meals.

What I will continue to do this week:

1. Continue to plan my meals and eat at home this week.
2. Plan snacks and have appropriate food available.
3. Try to increase my exercise level depending on what my knee will allow.
4. Keep focused, blog more, keep out of the kitchen, keep prayed up.
5. Put a picture of a seat belt on the refrigerator.

What I won't do this week:

I won't weigh myself everyday (but it will be really hard not to!!)
2. Get discouraged.
3. Compare myself to anyone else.
4. Bake cookies for Boy Wonder's birthday without Mr. Wonderful being in the kitchen with me.
5. Eat bread, or birthday cookies.

Daisy Dilemma: Why is it that when you are stressed out that a grapefruit just won't cut it ?


Oh DEAR! But if Mr. W is in the kitchen when the cookies are baked, poor Boy Wonder probably won't get ANY! Right?


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