Wednesday, August 08, 2007 

Will Alli become my Ally?

Ok, call me gullible, suggestible, naive, or just plain stupid. But... This girls needs some help so I'm trying it. I don't expect overnight results (but I wouldn't be disappointed!).

The literature that comes with the starter kit says:

"The Alli Weight Loss Program follows sound diet principles-but with a difference. In combination with a reduced calorie, low-fat diet, the Alli capsules work in your digestive system to keep some of the fat you consume from being absorbed. That means you get better results than with dieting alone-50 percent or more based on clinical research. If you would lose 10 pounds through diet alone, you can lose 15 pounds or more working with the Alli Program. And because the Alli capsules work safely in your digestive system, they don't affect your heart or head like other remedies or medicines can."

I've been a head case for a long time now....I can't take most medications because it interferes with my high blood pressure medication . I don't like feeling jittery or nervous....but I am desperate to get rid of this fat. So far, so good! I'm having a hard time not jumping on the scale every time I go to bathroom. (Just call me OCD!)

Daisy Dilemma: Will this be the break through I'm hoping for.


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