Monday, August 06, 2007 

The great blog disappearing act.....

Yes, I realize that my last post was on how to lose 200 pounds in one weekend and I am sure that many of you must have decided that I had perfected the technique and was now doing infomercials and making millions on a sure fire weight loss technique.

Alas, that is not the truth. Not only did I not get rid of all of my clutter I picked up a whole lot of extra baggage along the weigh. May 19th, I was hit by an 83 year old woman driving a 6,000 pound Buick while walking in the parking lot of a landscaping store. I guess it was a good thing that I am built like a tank because the impact of her car made me airborne over the hood of her car and crashed landing on my hands and knees out of the weigh.

My left knee took most of the impact and now after surgery and rehab I'm limbing along both diet wise and physically.

There were some advantages of being limited in mobility.
  1. It takes much more effort to get to the kitchen and by the time you get there you are not hungry anymore.
  2. Mr. Wonderful did most of the cooking....lots of Lean Cuisines that you can pop into the microwave.
  3. No late night snacking now (as the sound of the crutches wakes up the whole household!)
  4. No guilt about not going to Curves ( suspended till I am medically released).
  5. Snacks have to be small and portable to be carried while using crutches.
  6. My upper body strength increased from dragging my lower body around on crutches....any takers for arm wrestling?
  7. I'm burning more calories because it takes much greater effort to do absolutely everything.
  8. I discovered what great things knees are.....and now being able to ride an exercise bike is a thrill (similar to riding in the Tour de France!)
  9. I discovered you cannot walk a crying baby on crutches (so I only got her when she was happy and cute!....hey, there should be some advantages for being mobily challenged!)
  10. I get a 10 minute head start now if we are planning on going anywhere .
Having said all that.....I also decided that my joints needed a break and I need to lose some serious weight to help them out. So I'm throwing my hat back in the ring....and starting over again.

I actually managed to lose some weight from refraining from grazing so I'm starting out better than usual. My starting weight today is 267.....I'd like to be 250 by September 4th when we fly off to Canada to see my grand baby. ( I'd also like to be blonde and 6'2 but doubt if that will happen by then either!)

Daisy Dilemma: Why does life have to be so hard at times?


YAY You! Starting out lower is better already!!! Wowwy Zowwy! You are ON your weiiiiiiiigh! YAY!

In answer to the Daisy Dilemma... I keep asking God that ... every day... and what HE told ME is that it's cuz then we GROW... but you're looking to shrink... so we may need a consultation!

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