Wednesday, May 02, 2012 

Day 2 and off to a good start

This is me with Charlie and our grandson Charlie.  As you can see my backside is huge.  I need to get Mr. Wonderful to take some pictures of me at my highest weight so there is some comparison.

I started HCG yesterday.  It's supposed to help you lose weight rapidly.  It cost 109 dollars for a month's supply. (So happy Mother's Day to me!)  It is guaranteed or you can get your money back.

You take one dropper full in the morning and hold it in your mouth for one minute.  It doesn't taste bad.  Afterwards you are not supposed to eat or drink anything for 30 minutes. (I guess to get the HCG into your system).  

The day went well and I had no cravings.  This usually isn't the time I run into trouble.  I'm great at work cause I'm busy all day.  I blow my diet every evening when I graze.

Mr. Wonderful had a meeting so I fixed a soy burger and had one serving of broccoli, rice and cheese that I steamed in the microwave.  I was surprised that I wasn't even tempted to nosh.  (In the interest of full disclosure I should state that I always start out really good....I'm an excellent starter, I just lack the follow through that I'm hoping that this drug will provide.)

I took another dropper full of HCG that evening before dinner.  This morning I was delighted to find my weight down by 4 pounds.  (I know dear reader, you are thinking fluid, even so I am rejoicing that the scale is finally moving in the right direction for a change.)

So for now, this is one happy camper and I think I may be seeing a faint glimmer of hope in the distance.

Wish me luck,  I'm on my weigh!

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