Friday, June 03, 2011 

Three days in.....

Well, my 17 day diet is still going well but then I'm only 3 days into it. So far, I haven't had to resort to the picture on the left . We will see though, I guess it's a viable option!

I found a weight loss tracker and successfully put it on my blog. I know that doesn't sound like a big thing but with my limited computer skills I was quite pleased. I also found a printable weight loss tracker that advocates weighing yourself daily. I printed it, put it on a clip board and have it next to the scale now. I was very pleased to find I had a dropped a pound since yesterday. Yay me!!! So now I'm down 4 pounds! I did manage to get over 10.000 steps in yesterday too.

I tend to start well but not follow through.

Last night went well. I didn't snack or make my nightly pilgrimage to the refrigerator. I did get all my water in, but noticed I got a really bad headache after dinner. Some Advil, cup of coffee, and warm compress finally made it go away. I don't think it was the result of the diet but will see if it happens again.

So far this morning has gone well. I bring lunch so it will not be a problem. This is my first weekend on this diet and will be a good indicator how committed I am to this eating plan.

Daisy Dilemma: How do you motivate yourself to exercise?


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