Thursday, February 16, 2012 

New Year, New Goal, New Motivation

Hello Long Lost Forgotten Weight Loss Blog.....I'm Back.

Today makes 4 years to the day that I had my lap band surgery. I managed to lose 50 pounds, gained back 10 and now I'm more motivated to continue the journey I started .

What I know about myself.

I am not new to dieting. I start a new diet every week with some limited success then something new comes along and I jump over to the next one.

I think I am a dyslectic dieter. I get distracted by the next shiny object and wander away.

I eat at night. During the day I'm rock solid. I start out the day well, get lots of exercise at work, eat soup, string cheese and an apple for lunch, eat a modest dinner and then "Graze" all night long till I go to bed. I blow the entire day by what I eat at night.

I go to bed late. I stay up and watch TV and snack. Most of the shows I enjoy start at 10P.M.
I have read that not getting enough sleep can lead to obesity and I'm walking proof of the theory.

I have too many "Red Flag" Foods in my house. I am a sweet eater, a chocolate eater, a peanut butter eater, and adore baked goods. I absolutely can not have them in the house or have to have them out of sight and in a very inconvenient place.

I eat too fast. Charlie inhales his food and runs off to the next thing. I tend to do like wise but with very bad consequences. I literally choke if I eat too fast.

I think I deserve comfort food after the long day I put in. Yep, I do reward myself with food.....not proud of it, but it's a fact.

So....knowing all this what's different now?

They are!

This is my baby boy and his bride to be.

These two love birds are getting married Nov. 10, 2012

This gives me 8 months to get to my goal weight.

I really want to look fabulous for their wedding.

I want to be able to dance with the groom and not be embarrassed by my weight or be an embarrassment to him.

Totally superficial yes! Totally bet!

Don't get me wrong. I always start out well I just never follow through. So I'm back blogging even though no one reads this but me.

This is the first day of the rest of my let's make it a good one.


nice couple.........

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