Friday, March 13, 2009 

You Are White Chocolate

You are White Chocolate

You are sweet, caring, and truly very innocent.

Whether your naive ways are a bit of act or not, people like to take care of you.

You are a quiet flirt, and your power is often underestimated!

What Kind of Chocolate Are You?

I can't seem to win. I took this quiz on what kind of chocolate are you and I'm vanilla chocolate. Is it because I'm a very white woman or what? I'm doomed to be vanilla in a chocolate world.
If I have to be vanilla can I have some sprinkles please?

Hmm.....have you noticed all these dessert quizzes. Can you tell I miss sweets?

Daisy Dilemma: Does dreaming about chocolate, cupcakes, and ice cream give you heavy dreams? Do you wake up full, hungry, or weighing more than when you went to bed?


THESE quizzes know NOTHING! Again, when I answered correctly, it said I was exactly the same as you! ( we are two peas in a pod - but NOT a vanilla pod Daisy!) So when I lied on ALL the answers it said:

You are DARK Chocolate!
(which of course, I AM!)

You live your life with intensity, always going full force.
You push yourself (and others) to the limit... you want more than you can handle.
An extreme person, you challenge and inspire the world!

(But NOT in this way!) I'm lazy!

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