Thursday, February 12, 2009 

The saga continues.....

Oh No! How come every time you think you've come across something really good some body ( Mr. Wonderful) has to squash it?

Mr. Wonderful gave me several websites and even printed them out that says the Flat Belly Diet is a scam.

The reasons listed were :

1. The book cost 31.95 ( I bought Woman's World at the grocery store for $1.79)

2. One author claimed, "We have found the cure for belly fat." ( I agree that this is a red flag statement, anything that sounds too good to be true usually is.)

3. No exercise needed ( but highly recommended). ( always read the fine print.)

4. The basic diet is one of calorie restriction. ( well, duh? That's why it is called a diet!)

5. Every meal should have a MUFA (MonoUnsaturatedFattyAcid). This is a dead give away for a scam because it's the part where they put in the "magic" ( MUFA's are part of the so-called good fats.They come in 5 groups...certain nuts, certain oils, seeds, olives, avocodos, and dark chocolate. These foods are also found in the Mediterranean diet what has long been known to provide health benefits.

6. The diet alleges to hone in on belly fat. If you restrict your diet you will lose weight and some of it will come off your belly as well as other parts of your body. ( All I know is that I've lost 4 pounds and 2 inches off my belly and no where else.)

Over all there was nothing dangerous or bad about the diet. Everyone agrees restricted calories, exercise and good fats are healthy. No food group is restricted such as breads or fruits in low carb diets.

Bear in mind.....It seems to be working for me. I'm not hungry, I've had a small measure of success already, we are incorporating more vegetables in our diet and stir frying is fun, easy and tasty. The coconut oil is available locally, and any diet that tells me I need to eat two muffins a day is a winner in my book. We are also eating with chopped sticks . It gives the meal a little extra challenge and since I'm not good with chopsticks it certainly slows down my eating. So far it's all good. I'll keep you posted .

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