Thursday, March 12, 2009 

I'm so Vanilla

You Are a Vanilla Cupcake

You are very sweet and mellow. You are easy going and easy to like.

You are drawn to those stronger personalities. You get along with powerful people.

You are like a cupcake because you appeal to almost every type of person.

You are friendly and accepting. You bring out other people's best qualities.

What Flavor Cupcake Are You?

Now I ask you....Can this girl get any more vanilla? I was hoping for at least chocolate with sprinkles. Sigh, you know me though, never met a cupcake I didn't like.


NOOOOOOOOO WAY! I AM NOT a Vanilla cupcake! Sheeeeesh! After it said I was, I went back and filled in ALL the answers I would NEVER pick and then it said I was a LEMON cupcake -- which I like much better than vanilla! And then I chose inbetween answers and it STILL said I was vanilla! I don't think they even put a CHOCOLATE cupcake in the mix! Sheeeeeeeeeesh! I'm going with Lemon! I LIKE lemon! It says:

You are spirited and spunky. You embrace life and have a sunny outlook.
You're drawn to all sorts of people. You can find something to like about almost anyone.

You are like a cupcake because you're cute and happy. You can turn anyone's day around.
You love to laugh and have a wickedly funny sense of humor. You enjoy teasing and joking around.

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