Thursday, March 12, 2009 

New Attitude

Well the scale is moving in the correct direction (to the left) and I'm starting to get excited about it. I'm soon to be the lightest I've been in over 20 years! I told Mr. Wonderful when that magic number appears on the scale I expect a whole York peppermint patty all to my self. (We usually split one!)

I've asked Joyce (she sorts clothes at the mission) to start looking for some size 18's for me. She knows me well and usually picks out just exactly what I would choose. It's nice not to have to run out and invest in a new wardrobe especially if I don't plan on being this size for long.

I've been really watching what goes in my mouth. We have been doing a lot of stir fry lately. I'm totally in love with the new steamed veggies that you can pull from the freezer and throw into the microwave. They taste just as good as fresh and are quick and easy after working all day.

I'm totally in love with Sugar Free Jello. Have you tried the Gogi Berry? It's really good.

Eating with chopped sticks has helped too. I'm not very good with them so it really slows down my food consumption. Since starting to use them I've not had any incidents of feeling choked . (Of course it could be because I given up bread and how much rice can you pick up with chop sticks?)

I've been trying to get 10,000 steps in a day so I'm wearing a pedometer. I usually get in 4 to 6 thousand . So I'm stepping up my stepping.


I am just sooooooo darned proud of you! Boy I need to get MY rear in gear!

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