Wednesday, February 18, 2009 

A Delicious Book

Is it back sliding when you automatically are drawn to books about food? They say you can't tell a book by it's cover but I am attracted to books with french pastry on the cover.

Yes, dear reader, just like Pavlov's dogs I begin to drool at the mere thought of french pastries so of course I was a goner when I saw this book at the library. I checked it out and was delightfully surprised that I enjoyed it so much.

The story is about a 20 something girl who moves to France to attend a Culinary school and become a pastry chef. It deals with many issues, such as loneliness, uncertainty, as well as adapting to a foreign culture .

What I especially liked about this book is the author's perspective of "Where is God in all of this?" Lexi, finds a church that has services in English and reaches out to French speaking people with an offer to learn and practice English as a way to get better jobs.

One thing the heroine learns is that "food taste better when you are hungry." Lexi is away from her friends, family and culture and discovers that God can be heard more clearly when He is all that is left. The book was entertaining as well as uplifting. (not to mention .....some killer reciepes!)


Don't you TOUCH those recipes! :)

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