Monday, February 16, 2009 

Give Me Chocolate and No on gets hurt!

Exactly one year ago I had lap-band surgery. Now 55 pounds later I can say it was worth it. I still struggle with my weight and will always have to be diligent in making wise choices.

Before I had the surgery I was told that this surgery is a tool. It helps but you still have to do the work . I still have to drag my body around and make it exercise.

Eating is a challenge. I am cooking more than I ever have. My capacity is limited but I still can eat things that are fattening (I usually pay a price for it but you know me....I always have to push the limits.)

Mr. Wonderful gave me Ghiradeli Intense Dark Chocolate. It is full of antioxidants and better for you. It's actually on the flat belly diet. As you can see....I'm a little over anxious to dig in!

I did pretty well at my mom's house. Of course she didn't listen and made our favorite dishes. I did eat them but had small portions. I haven't weighed because I'm in denial right now. It was a good visit though and she is in good spirits.

So today is Monday.....My traditional day for getting back to the diet. So here's to the next 55 pounds and hopefully more.

Daisy Dilemma: What day of the week do you usually start your diet?


Go for those next 55 lbs..only just take it in 5 pound increments..Okay..I am so tired of this 1200 a day calorie thingy!! I am hungry but am learning about portion sizes..although i guess i already knew anyway..most of the vegies are free so I am turning into lettuce and cucumbers. I went to Food lion today to get a few things and wanted more cucumbers but at 2.29 a piece i said...Keep!!

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