Saturday, January 31, 2009 

Woo Hoo....finally got it right

Two days in a row that Leslie and I did our walk. Ok, so I'm into small goals. I actually went to sleep earlier last night and got up in time to do my two mile walk with Leslie before we headed out the door to work at the mission.

We had a group of ladies that boxed clothing till about 1 p.m. I actually got my 10,000 steps in and made good choices.

I had a serious talk with Mr. Wonderful. My nature is to be a people pleaser and I've been trying to work around his schedule rather than what is the best for me. It takes me a good 30 minutes to eat a very simple small meal. If I rush it, I get chocked or feel horrible for a good hour after wards. He gulps down a whole meal in 5 minutes or less some times and is out the door to another activity. I can no longer do I told him maybe that's why God gave us two cars (so he doesn't have to wait on me) . He says he understands but I'm sure he doesn't. So I am totally being selfish from here on out. If I'm late, I'm late and he can go on ahead.

I wrote down all my eating in a food diary, wrote down my exercise routine, got all my vitamins, Calcium and supplements in as well as got all my liquids down. We will see if it has any impact on the scale now.

This is me going to bed before 11pm.

Daisy Dilemma: Is this the start of a new habit or merely a flux?


Good for you!! I had a great workout this morning..This whole past week I have kept up being in the intermediate on Curves Smart..Most of the time when it boosts me up to Intermediate from Beginner I only stay there well a day maybe..I have held this for over a week and that is something for me..
WE are both trying and that is good...

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