Sunday, January 11, 2009 

Lose Your Behind in 2009

I'm home and I'm ready to get serious about exercise and watching what I eat. I didn't gain any weight over Christmas but I certainly didn't lose any either. I ate pretty much what I wanted .....but definitely not as much!

The Christmas cookies, pies, and goodies have all been consumed and the left over Chocolate has been hidden in the freezer where it is at least out of sight.

I got to thinking the other day that our guest room is only used three or four times a year so we have decided to take the bed down and use it for our exercise equipment. It can be quickly converted back to a bedroom whenever we need it but I am pretty sure we would use the room more if it had the exercise bike, mini trampoline, and DVD player and TV for exercise videos. I can use the dresser to store exercise videos, hand weights, and stretch bands and can walk with Leslie in there minus all the furniture that is in the living room. Mr. Wonderful thinks it's a good idea for now too.

I saw Ricard Simmons on a morning news program while I was in New York. He was on a campaign against childhood obesity. He is 60 years old now and "Lose your behind in 2009" was his slogan. I thought it was a good one to incorporate into my diet plan.

I keep waiting for my behind to fall off but looks like I'll actually have to work to get it to go away. I bought some new exercise videos today for some more variety. One is a Leslie Simmons tape with a two mile walk along with 21 minutes of lower body toning. So here's to having a smaller behind in 2009!

Daisy Dilemma: What are your health goals for the new year?


A smaller behind in 2009..I like that..I can try but you know..We are starting a new food program tomorrow at Curves. I am going in to see what it is like and IF I can do it...I hope so. I am so hungry today..bad day...Good to see you writing again..Sandy

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