Friday, March 13, 2009 


You Are Chocolate

You are dramatic, charming, and downright addicting.

You have a strong personality, and and people are drawn to your fabulousness.

You are stimulating and exciting. It's hard to get tired of you.

You are incredibly likable and popular. You live a glorious life.

Are You Chocolate or Vanilla?

Finally, you know if you take enough of these silly quizzes you are bound to get the results you were looking for all along. Whew! Now my life can go on knowing that I'm stimulating and exciting and live a glorious life!


WAIT a doggone rootin' tootin' minute here! THIS is the same test you took 3 or 4 tests down! It said you were vanilla! It said I was vanilla! I took it again today -- it still says I'm VANILLA! What happened to you? Did you LOSE your vanilla? Is that what happened? You dropped another pound or two and with it went your Vanilla??? Ohhhhhh... I need to lose weight! I NEEEEEED to be CHOCOLATE! (and I really wish you would stop doing these things - cuz I gave up sweets for Lent - and it's killin' me... ) *sigh*

Just keep taking them long enough and you knew that CHOCOLATE would come soon...Smile!!

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