Friday, October 24, 2008 

Shopping in my Attic

Well, it's official it's in the 20's today so my summer clothes have got to go. I boxed them all up never to return to me again. By next summer they will be way to big and there's no need to haul them up to the attic any more.

I went shopping in my attic this morning. I have several sizes of clothes upstairs including really nice clothing that my sister gave me after her surgery. I tried them on and was surprised that several were way too big too. Hey, that never happened before! I have hung on to way too many clothes so tried things on this morning and if I'm not in love with the way it looks on me it's been packed off to the mission. I'd rather have a few clothes that fit well and look good than a whole closet full on items I don't like.

I've kept a few items that are the next size down within easy reach so I can check on my progress. I'm packing my bags for New York while I go through all these clothes. I'm leaving in the morning to spend time with my daughter and new grandson.

I'm also taking my laptop so I'll be sure to post pictures.

Daisy Dilemma: Have you ever saved clothes thinking you'll wear them again when you lose a few pounds and then found out that you don't like the outfit once you can wear it again?


No... but I threw away a whole bunch of clothes saying I'll NEVER gain THAT weight back again... and then I did. UGH! *slams head into wall*

YOU are sO good! Now look who MY hero is!!!

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