Monday, November 17, 2008 

Still wishing.....

I saw this over at Sandy's and wondered if this is what my cats go through. Probably not since Charlie is the one that usually feeds them in the morning.

I keep waiting for my rear to fall off. My sister lost her butt really quickly.....I keep wondering if I'll wake me up one day and my pants will fall down as I won't have hips to hold them up.

Right now it seems to be just wishful thinking

I started exercising again.....I walked two miles with Leslie. I was impressed how much easier it was to walk and exercise now than it used to be.

Today was spent cooking. I made a weeks worth of food so at least I know what I can eat and it's pre-made.

Charlie got me a 4 inch cake for my birthday. I already ate was good. So much for my cake obsession till next year.

Daisy Dilemna: Do you have a food you obcess about?


Well I wish that we could all say that one day you will wake up and your dream will come true but realistically thinking...i dont think so!!
Hate to be the bearer of bad news!! smile!!
Hope you guys are great today!!

Floozie's being negative! Of COURSE your hips are gonna fall off one morning! Keep pluggin! They're gettin' smaller! One day they will disappear!

I can't BELIEVE you at your bloomin' BIRTHDAY cake already! SHAME on you! NOW what are you gonna do on your birthday? He shoulda never given it to you before the day... I bet he buys you another one...

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