Wednesday, October 22, 2008 


As the fall weather turns cooler I've been turning to soup to warm me up at lunch time. I work in an area that is not heated well so I'm always cold.

I made some vegetable chilli and found some really good soup from V8 that are vegetable based. It helps with getting enough fluids too. Since it usually makes a cup, I share it with Mr. Wonderful. Soup and a sandwich goes over pretty well for my hardworking guy.

Our food bills have been cut in half since my capacity is so limited and since I started cooking casseroles and putting them up in individual portions. I'm making up Italian sausage and red rice and beans while I'm gone.

I've been eating a pack of peanut butter crackers with my soup to get in my protein. So far it has worked out well and I look forward to something hot at noon.

Daisy Dilemma: Do you remember the book "Stone Soup"? I wonder if that concept would work well with a small group dinner? Just a thought!


Mmmmmm... Stone soup is one of my favorites! Turns out different every time ya make it! I wonder why...

You should just make up some Peanutbutter Soup - then you could forgo the crackers! LOL!

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