Wednesday, July 23, 2008 

Yep, That's pretty much describes it!

After all the exercise I got this past weekend in Philadelphia I decided it was time to bump up my exercise level to the 2 mile walk with Leslie.

Bear in mind I have not been able to do the 2 mile walk since my knee accident a year ago. What the heck, why not try it at least. I know I did 9 and a half miles in 95 + how bad could it be?

They say a picture it worth a thousand words!

I did manage to complete the work out but I am certainly feeling the results right now.

I hate being such a powder puff. So, I guess I'll drag my body back this morning to see if it will get any easier.

Daisy Dilemma: Part of my exercise dilemma is that I have never yet found a form of exercise that I truly enjoy rather than just being endured. Any suggustions?


Daisy, I'm with you...all exercise has always been a chore to me, too. My favorite exercise is finger calisthenics on the laptop keyboard and walking to the refrigerator and fork lifts!
I do like walking once I get in the habit of it...but getting to the 'habit' stage is tough!

Well I tried to get you involved with CURVES and you did not like that one. I am still going..Looking about the same but well I am at least moving!! You are too it looks like. You seem to like the ones that you do at home where I need Take care..Sandy

It's not the exercise you're supposed to enjoy - it's the results.


I LOVE it once I'm in the habit! BREAKING the habit was the worst thing I ever did! I'm really paying for it now! So... even though ya HATE it - Just DO it! And I need to listen to my own advice! Just KICK me!

Good morning! New to your site and enjoyed the early morning read. Exercise? Have you tried Callanetics? (NOT vigorous!) I've attached the web site for your reference. Low impact, high results! No sweat but incredible reduction in inches!
I have a serious medical condition that prevents me from enjoying vigorous activity and I'm able to ENJOY callantics! Check it out but start off slow... doesn't feel like you are doing anything but the muscles are working overtime!

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