Friday, July 04, 2008 

Soon to see Liberty Bell....

Yes, it's the liberty bell in Philadelphia and I'm going to see it this month as well as Independence Hall, Betsy's Ross' house, Franklin Institute , National Constitution Center as well as answering the age old question "Who makes the best Philly Beef and Cheese Steak sandwich..Pat or Geno?

Mr. Wonderful is out puttering in the garage so I spent my "8 Minutes with Jeorge" 15 minutes with Leslie and another 10 minutes becoming a Latin Dancer Contortionist . I'm in my cool down period now, rehydrating, and of course blogging. My BP has been remarkable the last couple of days and it looks like I may be able to cut back on some of my medications soon.

I've decided to wait till the 8th to weigh again as it will be a week. I know I've already dropped 4 pounds,now I just need to be diligent with my exercise and careful on my food choices and portions. I'm hoping to throw another 1 mile walk in the mix later this afternoon while Mr. Wonderful is somewhere on the Southern Coast of France lost in adventures with his pile of books or puttering around in his basement in the man cave.

Hope your day was glorious and filled with fun and food.


You dance! I'm gonna go join Mr. W. in the South of France!!! *nods* (you are doing GREAT!!!)

Keep it can do it. I'm off to exercise again tonight after about a two week hiatus. Who knows what shape I'll be in when I return???


GREAT!! Keep up the good work!! This is going to are working hard. Good!! Sandy

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