Tuesday, July 01, 2008 

Still casting a wide shadow....

Yep, that's my shadow.....maybe I should hire myself out for shade at picnics. I've only lost 6 pounds in the last 2 months. I see the surgeon on July 18th so I'm really trying hard to lose another 10 pounds in the next three weeks.

We spent the last two months traveling, visiting, eating out, eating too much, making lots of desserts, eating fast food and not paying much attention to what I've been eating .

That all changes today. I'm really being very diligent and stepping up my exercise level too.

I have made some observations about myself that I seem to forget frequently so I'm listing them here just in case I'm with you should one of these foods pop up .

Notes to Myself:

1. No matter how good it smells, and no matter if it's slathered in cheese and Mr. Wonderful eats them everyday ......YOU DON'T LIKE MARIE CALLENDAR'S POT PIES. (They are too salty for your taste).

2. YOU DON'T LIKE FAKE MASHED POTATOES....which is the main ingredient in KFC's Famous Chicken bowls. Are you crazy?....Fried Anything will kick your butt.

3. A Grilled Chick-fil-a (without Cheese) and fruit salad (instead of French fries ) is only 350 calories and much better for you.

4. Dairy Queen Moo-lattes are heavenly but the small drink also contains 570 calories!

5. A DQ Chicken Finger Basket is too much food and you will be tempted to eat it too fast.....it leads to chocking and horrible sensations. STAY AWAY FROM IT. Try the chicken finger wrap with ranch dressing (trust me on this you'll thank me later.)

I blew the dust off my Walk Away the Pounds Video and actually did the 1 mile walk this morning. If you are reading this leave me a Waaa HOO !

Daisy Dilemma: How do you get yourself motivated when you've taken a very long detour?




Waa-hoo!! You go girl!! I'm proud of you! (hugs)

Waaaaaaaaa HOOOOOOOO!!! You GO girl! And when you find the answer to that dilemma, let me IN on it! PLEEEEASE!

Usually, when I think about the piles of bad man-made food available everywhere today, I take a walk through the produce section and have a nice long ponder over each fruit and each vegetable, how each one has so many health benefits that man is still figuring them out after hundreds of years. Then I have a look at that box of (insert man made food here) and ask myself why I would choose it over all of those health benefits.

Then I go back and fill my cart with fruit and vegetables, and I stay on course.

WAA-Hoo!! now do you feel better!! I need to read this blog more often. I have the other one on my google so need to put this one too!! Very good writing here. I miss the way you used to always write and make me laugh. keep it up..Sandy
Nice talking to you on IM!!

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